Tribeca's Vine Video Competition Shows Vine at its Best

Tribecas Vine Video Competition Shows Vine at its Best

The Tribeca Film Festival is doing a lot in the digital realm this year.  And one of the competitions they are holding involves Vine.  How can anyone make something worth watching with Vine?  As we've documented several times over the past month, Vine has become a fun challenge for brands and filmmakers to create things worth watching.  People have actually used the 6-second limitation to their advantage: much like people trying to tell a story with one single image in Photoshop, filmmakers are making 6-second Vines that have to go the point immediately.

#6SecFilms Competition from Tribeca Film Festival

Tribeca narrowed 400 Vine entries down to 40 in #6SecFilms competition that are awesome in the categories of Genre, Auteur, Animate, and Series (3 Vines).  Here's a few.  Hat tip, Gizmodo.

There is no sound on these unless you hover over them and change the sound settings.  And believe me, you'll want to do that.  If you want to take a look at all the different categories, you can click here.

I started with the ones under the "Series" hashtag.  I was greeted with this bit of greatness:

Chris Donlan: Book Beetle (part 1)

And Part 2:

Part 3:

And then Jade Butter did one called "Some Pygmalion: Wooden Man."  Here's Part 1:

Part 2: Tin Man:

Part 3:Girl Gets A Hand:

I really enjoyed this entry from Kevy Pizza in the Auteur category. You have to admire the work that went into this:

And this one is very sad. It says so much in so little time, which is the point of course:

Here's a great entry from the "Animate" category:

And finally, one from the "Genre" group:

Quick and to the point. I think Vine has a huge future from what I've seen in just a few short months.

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  • Carl Hartman

    This is just normal stop motion. What is special, its online? Some are cute, but nothing to send to a film festival. When I was in film school in LA, we used to have to do these tests all the time to learn time lapse and stop motion.

    • Chris Atkinson

      These were made on Vine, which can only be 6 seconds long, and were entered into Tribeca's very specific competition asking for them. So they have been entered into a film festival. Are they super-duper-special? No, but they aren't "tests" either.