Trailer for Arrested Development on Netflix Hits Online

Trailer for Arrested Development on Netflix Hits Online

I feel like the imminent release of "Arrested Development "on Netflix on May 26 is a big event for online video.  But it's such a different story than someone trying to run a successful channel on YouTube or Vimeo.  "Arrested Development" became a cult hit on Fox during its run from 2003-2006, and had 7 years to build more and more of an audience through time.  This is much like "Family Guy" did after it was cancelled, found an audience on Cartoon Network, and was resurrected.  So this new season is important for online video and Netflix, although I'm not sure how important it is for people trying to learn anything about successful online video marketing.

Still, it's an exciting story, and there's a trailer for what we can expect in a couple of weeks.

Netflix Releases Arrested Development Trailer

Here you go:

There are some beats to this don't feel exactly like the old show, but much of it does, and all of us who have been waiting for so long will finally get to see it in a couple of weeks.

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  • J.Molina

    Just started watching Season 1. I love it. Can't wait to get to their new stuff.