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You have probably seen news every week about a new way to put videos onto your website or blog. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to showcase your videos or videos from other sites is by using a video widget or video widget plugin. There are tons out there but I have my favorites. The following video widgets below are ones that I find most useful and most interesting. Some allow you to post the popular videos of the day from Digg (diggest), and others allow you to share your own videos (splashcast), videos from other video sites (weshow), or leave video messages and video comments (blipback).

Top Ten Online Video Widgets (in order of my personal favorites):

  1. WeShow
  2. Swicki
  3. Blinkxit
  4. Splashcast
  5. VodPod
  6. Blinkx Wall
  7. Blipback
  8. Truveo
  9. Brightcove
  10. Diggest

WeShow Video Widget delivers the goods directly to your blog or web page. Select the types of videos you want to appear (e.g. comedy, music, sports) and content is hand-picked, not automatically generated, by WeShow staff from sites like YouTube,, Brightcove, Metacafe and others. You can alter the size and skin color of your widget, and it has a nice animated scroll-through for users to preview what's available.

Eurekster Swicki lets users build and customize a swicki search portal on any topic, and share and distribute the widget to grow a community of interested users. With every search, the swicki becomes more relevant and meaningful to the user community, and more valuable to the swicki builder. Community behavior, such as voting on the results page, will affect the order of the results and what is displayed in the buzzcloud widget.

Blinxit video widget It scans the text on your page and then searches for relevant video. You can embed the blinkx it widget on just about any web site. The widget works by reading the text on the site you embed it in and finding videos that are about the same topic. If, for example, you've posted to your blog about your favourite sports team, it will find videos related to them; if your website is about your favorite hobby, then it'll link to videos on that hobby instead. Blinkx it draws on more than 14 million hours of audio and video in the blinkx index, making it easy to add pizzazz and highly-customized video channels to any blog post or website. This one is interesting. take a look at what the suggestions are for this page. I would say those are quite relevant considering there is not too much in the way of video content about video search. Click on this icon to view the widget:

SplashCast Media is perhaps the most flexible of the widgets, incorporating audio, photos, text, video, and RSS feeds into a clean and simple Flash player. However, it is still quite limited, for instance allowing only YouTube-hosted and desktop video files at this point. Here is a quick player widet that I created:

VodPod is a video widget which will help you build an in-site playlist of videos. Here is one that I created quickly as a test.

Blinkx Video Wall is a tool which allows bloggers and website creators to embed a video wall of clips from a selected search term into their sites. The display is fed by RSS, so it updates automatically as new search results come in. Users can choose the size of their desired wall, composing it with anywhere from one to sixty-four glimmering video screens. Users can even compile a specific selection of videos to be made into a video wall and embed it to their pages with ease. Type in some keywords, select the size you want the widget to be, and Blinkx goes out and finds video relevant to your search and tiles the results. Here's what came up when I told it to search for "Video SEO." Mouse over for specifics on each video.

Blipback integrates with your webcam to enable video comments. The widget player is very similar to what you'll see with most video widgets from YouTube and other video-sharing networks, though there are thumbnails for you to view the upcoming comments from others, along with the number of views and the rating for each comment. Your sorting options are to view from oldest to newest or vice versa, or view from highest to lowest rated or vice versa. You can also sort comments by most viewed, and an option to subscribe to video comments via RSS feeds.

Truveo Widget displays a scrolling bar of thumbnails for a set of video search results. Clicking on any thumbnail plays the video. This widget is designed to be easily sharable on any blog or social networking homepage.

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