Top Video Marketing Leaders Ascend the Summit FRIDAY: Will You Be There?

Top Video Marketing Leaders Ascend the Summit FRIDAY: Will You Be There?

Is it almost time for the 2013 Video Marketing Summit already?  Indeed, it's a mere week away.  We've done our part and kept reminding you of it every chance we get, but now time is running out.  The very best names in the business will be represented at this Summit, taking place in San Francisco on July 25-26.  These are experts who navigate this strange little world known as online video on a daily basis.  Picking just one of these minds would be worth all the time and effort you put into this business.  But the Reel Summit will have around 40, not to mention those brands that are in attendance that day.  Knowledge is power.  Advanced registration ends July 24.

Dont Miss Out - Join These Expert & Brand Leaders in Video

Top Video Marketing Leaders Ascend the Summit FRIDAY: Will You Be There?

How would you like to meet the web's most influential video marketers from the following brands and agencies?  Come and join us at the Reel Video Marketing Summit and we will introduce you to a few you may have heard of:

  • Google
  • YouTube
  • Ebay
  • Twitter
  • Oracle
  • Brother
  • Adobe
  • Zappos
  • Getty Images
  • Cisco
  • Costco
  • HP
  • GoPro
  • Williams Sonoma
  • SanDIsk
  • QVC

But maybe those aren't enough.  Maybe you want to mix it with some of these cool agencies working with video for some of the world's hottest brands:

  • Unruly Media
  • Mekanism
  • OgilvyOne
  • Portal A
  • Bonfire Labs
  • Adjust You Set

And if they don't pull your string and you'd prefer to meet up with the most amazing YouTube show producers then here's a few you may recognize:

  • VICE
  • Revision 3
  • Fullscreen
  • Maker Studios

You have until July 25 to take advantage of the Advanced registration, which will save you $200 if you're planning on buying tickets on-site.

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Once again, here's ReelSEO's founder, Mark Robertson, talking about the Summit 

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  • paulcolligan


  • nash mascaro

    Hi Mark, I live in London and won't be able to get there but have you guys thought about doing some sort of video follow up to the summit.?I know it will be getting recorded so if you could put something together for those of us that can't make it but really really wish they could, I would be happy to pay for access to the thoughts and ideas that come from the leadership at the event.If it were in course format or even if it were broken down into edited sections. Would be really helpful for so many people and also a good additional revenue stream for you guys.

    • Mark Robertson

      We will be publishing the video recordings soon, free of charge. Probably next week.

      • nash mascaro

        Mark, great news. You guys truly are the business. Much appreciated. Hope one day you will all bring yourselves to the UK. -)

  • Mark Robertson

    I will be there in 5 Days, 11 Hours, 19 Minutes, and 10 Seconds. ;-)