Top Ten Ads on YouTube for June 2013

Top Ten Ads on YouTube for June 2013

YouTube has released their top 10 ads for June.  Samsung shows up twice on this list, thanks to collaborations with Usher and Jay-Z, and two Despicable Me 2-themed ads pop up here, which pretty much falls in line with that movie's 5-day monster holiday weekend.  I was glad to see Dollar Shave Club make the list, since with just 2 ads in 2 years they've shown brands can succeed by taking unconventional approaches to advertising.

YouTube's Top Ten Ads for June 2013

10. Dollar Shave Club - "Let's Talk About #2" (Dollar Shave Club) View count: 1.1 million.

9. Nike Basketball & Lebron James (Nike).  View count: 1.3 million.

8. Show Your Pride, Share Your Love (YouTube).  View count: 2.3 million.

7. Dell Tablet vs. ipad (Windows) View count: 2.6 million.

6. Playstation: Greatness Awaits (Sony).  View count: 3.4 million.

5. Pepsi Max & Dynamo present "Bus Levitation." (Pepsi).  View count: 3.6 million.

4. Evil Minion Animation Test (Despicable Me 2: Illumination Entertainment).  View count: 4.6 million.

3. Cheetos Mix-Ups & Despicable Me 2 (Cheetos). View count: 6 million.

2. "One to Many" - Jay Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail" (Samsung).  View count: 19 million.

1. Usher's Looking 4 Myself (Samsung). View count: 48 million.

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