A zombie horde shuffled its way to the top of Unruly’s Global Viral Video Chart last month. The most widely shared ad during August sees the shuffling undead taking to the streets of the Big Apple to sell hot dogs, write parking tickets and attempt to live ‘normal’ lives.

Hidden cameras capture the shocked reactions of New Yorkers who encounter the re-animated corpses attempting to hold down jobs and act human. Nobody seems to understand what the zombies are doing out in the real world, and that’s entirely the point.

The ad, for television channel AMC, is campaigning for satellite TV network Dish to reinstate the channel that shows The Walking Dead, having previously dropped it from its cheaper tariffs.

As the clip states, zombies belong on the screen, not on the streets, and although the ad is aimed at a US market, the show and its decomposing stars have won fans on both sides of the pond, helping to drive the ad to nearly 378,000 shares last month.

In second place is Pelicula Completa, a Spanish language campaign for La Educacion Prohibida, a group of independent filmmakers. The 2 hour 25 minute Kony-esque clip aims to raise awareness of the need for change in education across South America, moving towards a teaching style that encourages creative thought among students.

Unsurprisingly, the clip has proved popular in the Spanish-speaking world, earning over 363,000 shares during August, seeing an impressive take-off that has earned it over 2.7million views already. Although the clip doesn’t suggest what teaching style should be adopted, it has sparked debate and undoubtedly won the attention it hoped for.

Contributing to the international mix of last month’s chart is The Journey, an ad from Bowls 4 Humanity, a charity which helps to feed Malaysian orphans. The ad was released to coincide with Ramadan, a time when the Muslim world is keenly aware of food and the importance of family.

The clip, which generated nearly 217,000 shares last month, follows the relationship between two orphaned brothers, one of them blind, and their journey to pray at their parents’ graveside. It’s a moving film that demands compassion for the hungry young boys and respect for their resilience on the difficult journey.

Keeping The Journey out of the top three are Abercrombie & Fitch’s shirtless male models in its still popular cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s, Call Me Maybe. The hottest video to emerge from this summer’s keynote meme, “Call Me Maybe”, the clip garnered 296,000 shares in August, its third month in the top 20.

Another Call Me Maybe cover to linger in the chart, Share It Maybe, features Sesame Street character Cookie Monster waxing lyrical about his favorite foods. The fluffy blue creature growls about cookies in a quirky performance in this ad for the education TV show. With over 92,400 shares last month, Cookie has been left picking up the crumbs after crashing from the second spot last month.

New into the chart this month is another musical offering, Team GB sing Don’t Stop Me Now in this fun cover to promote Olympic sponsor adidas. Chris Hoy and Jessica Ennis lead the Olympians in a rousing verse of the Queen anthem, which serves as a thank you to fans, a promotion for the sportswear brand and a fitting final bow as the team exit the spotlight.

Released the day after the closing ceremony, the video perfectly caught the last wave of interest in the games and cruised into the number five spot with 169,950 shares during August.

Another ad to capitalise on the Olympic fanfare, Samsung’s Behind The Scenes clip shows off the brand’s smartphones and how they contributed to the production side of the spectacular opening show, securing it the 15th spot in last month’s chart.

P&G’s incredible reign as Olympic advertising champions continues to reap rewards, with the iconic ode to mother love Best Job hanging on to 14th place, while gold medal winning gymnast Gabby Douglas cartwheels into ninth.

Nike’s attempt to gatecrash the games with Find Your Greatness, starring an overweight young jogger attempting to improve his lifestyle, is still going strong, sealing 13th place with 81,411 shares.

New to the chart this month, Little Baby’s Ice Cream released a very strange ad that sits at number six. This Is Special Time features a man made entirely of ice cream staring wild-eyed into the camera while eating spoonfuls of his own head. A random weirdness that has driven 152,600 shares this month.

From strange Little Baby to a cherished childhood toy, Lego fits perfectly into seventh spot with 137,200 shares. To celebrate the company’s 80th birthday, this short film charts The Lego Story from one man’s struggling carpentry business to the empire of plastic bricks we know today.

Not so child friendly is Ragu’s Long Day Of Childhood, in 18th place. The star of the ad is an unfortunate young chap who wanders into his parent’s room at exactly the wrong time. To repair the psychological damage, his parents feed him the pasta sauce.

With the race for the White House hotting up, it is no surprise that US presidential campaign ads also make an appearance. Fuelled by last week’s Republican National Convention (RNC), the GOP bagged two spots in August’s chart.

Mitt Romney’s America’s Comeback Team garnered 53,000 shares to hold 17th place, while two places below is Be Not Afraid, in which Romney recycles the words of Pope John Paul II’s to criticise President Obama.

No Democrat ads feature in August’s top 20, but with the DNC starting this week, September’s chart could see the political climate change once again.

Top 20 Most Shared Global Video Ad Campaigns for August 2012

  1. AMC & Walking Dead Zombie Experiment NYC - 377,163
  2. La Educacion Prohibida Pelicula Completa - 344,912
  3. Abercrombie & Fitch “Call Me Maybe” - 296,537
  4. BERNAS - Bowls 4 Humanity The Journey - 216,740
  5. adidas Team GB Don’t Stop Me Now - 169,951
  6. Little Baby’s Ice Cream This Is Special Time - 152,622
  7. Lego The Lego Story - 137,268
  8. DC Shoes Gymkhana Five - 134,307]
  9. P&G Raising An Olympian – Gabby Douglas - 121,289
  10. Som Sabadell Flashmob - 108,407
  11. Sesame Street Share It Maybe - 92,488
  12. Samsung - Introducing Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - 87,540
  13. Nike Find Your Greatness - Jogger - 81,411
  14. P&G Best Job - 57,361
  15. Samsung Behind The Scenes: Samsung And The London 2012 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony - 56,738
  16. Gillette Tiro Impresionate De Manu Ginobili Durante La Filmacion Del commercial De Gillette - 54,147
  17. Mitt Romney America’s Comeback Team - 53,431
  18. Ragu Long Day Of Childhood - 52,170
  19. Mitt Romney Be Not Afraid - 49,982
  20. Haus Laboratories - Lady Gaga “Fame” The Fragrance” - 45,522