The supposed ‘Summer of Sport’ has not yet begun, but already brands are seizing on the opportunity to amplify their presence online.

Three of the top 10 ads in May’s Global Ads Chart, powered by social video platform Unruly, revolve around the upcoming London Summer Olympics and the European Football Championships.

Leading the way is Nike’s My Time Is Now, which features a star-studded clash between France, the Netherlands and hundreds of pitch-invading hopefuls, all thirsty for Euro glory.

The footballing extravaganza sees superstars Franck Ribéry and Wesley Sneijder take on wave after wave of ambitious young pretenders in a show of skill, style and slick production.

The action spills off the pitch and round the stadium, giving players from other nations the chance to make comedic cameos.

Created by Wieden + Kennedy, the commercial was launched halfway through the month, capitalising on footie fans’ excitement around Euro 2012, which begins on June 8.

It has certainly paid off, attracting 648,483 shares across Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere last month, almost twice as many as any other video in the top 20, making it an undisputed champion.

Coming in to take silver is P&G’s emotional ode to motherly love, Best Job In the World. The Olympics-themed ad recognises the hard work mums put in to support their sporting offspring.

Another contender from the Wieden + Kennedy camp, the clip shows mums worldwide being the best, coach, physio, nutritionist and supporter a young athlete could wish for.

We see mums helping their kids get to early morning training sessions, supporting them through the highs and lows of their budding careers.

The inspirational ad shows cultural differences between the athletes, but they all share one important thing, the unerring support of a loving mother. Launched back in mid-April to mark 100days until the Olympics, the ad has continued to melt hearts and won over 341,670 shares in the last 30 days.

Yet another sport-inspired Wieden + Kennedy ad in the top 10 is the second instalment of Nike’s My Time Is Now campaign: Mario Balotelli And The Nike Barbershop. The comical ad sees the Man City striker take a trip to the barber, where he tries out some of football’s most memorable haircuts.

The clip links to the campaign’s Facebook page, where fans can see themselves sporting the hilarious hairdos.

While slickly done and full of humour, Balotelli’s ad is not quite a cut above the rest, scoring only 44,510 shares, placing it at 7th in the chart.

Swapping football for basketball, Pepsi Max’s Uncle Drew slam dunks its way to number 4. The ad stars Uncle Drew, who seems to be a doddery old man cheering on his nephew at a basketball game. But when Drew takes to the court, he delivers a sound beating to his younger opponents.

Drew’s extraordinary performance is explained at the end of his court appearance. Uncle Drew is actually NBA star Kyrie Irving in an elaborate disguise that took hours of make-up to achieve. We lost track of how many times Drew scored, but we know the ad won over 116,783 shares.

Switching back to football, Mercurial Vapor VII: Cristiano Robaldo vs. Rafa Nadal promotes Nike’s latest football boots. The ad, at 15 with 19,964 shares, sees the two superstars battle it out on the tennis court, first swapping tennis balls and then footballs over the net. The keepy-uppy-volley rally sees Ronaldo triumph with the help of his Mercurial vapour boots.

There’s a battle of a different kind going on the number 3 spot with Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2depicting a hi-tech, high-explosive clash on the streets of Los Angeles. It stars a grizzled, old tough guy predicting the blood-soaked battles of the future with a rousing speech.

Sending gamers wild for the game’s futuristic firepower and gorgeous graphics, the explosive ad earned over 150,000 shares during May. Not bad for a game that is not available until November.

Talking of surprises, April’s hit, A Dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square, theflash mob ad for TV channel TNT that sees a sleepy Belgian town transformed into an action movie, remains in the chart. Holding on to number 5 with 148,200 shares this month, it’s not the only flash mob to make an appearance.

Flash Mob On The Copenhagen Metrofeatures the Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra holding a concert on a packed passenger train, serenading confused commuters on their way to work.

The random recital promotes Klassick, a Danish classical music radio station, and has earned over 68,347 shares. The surreal symphony is music to our ears in the number 6 spot.

Jumping in at 9 is Introducing The Leap, an ad which waves goodbye to television remote controls. The motion-sensitive Leap system, allows users to change channels, play games and interact with programmes with a wave of their hands.

The ad, which has garnered 35,254 shares this month, keeps its delivery simple, letting the amazing product do the talking and wowing gesticulating technophiles worldwide.

Not at all short on talking is Day One, a presidential campaign ad for Mitt Romney. The short TV ad lists the first policies Romney would put into action if elected. With 23,703 shares, the ad encourages viewers not just to share the ad on social networks, but to donate directly to the campaign.

Harvey, spokes-dog for Thinkbox, brings up the tail end of the chart with Harvey and Rabbit at number 18. Harvey proves the value of television advertising as he saves Rabbit from the dustbin with a well-made ad of his own.

Still lingering in the chart is Life Vest Inside’s music video-cum-philosophy lesson Kindness Boomerang.

Also still in the chart is a semi-spoof ad for a roller skating rink called Say No To Crack, Say YES! To Roller Skating, as is Steven Tyler’s commercial for Burger King. Nike Fuelband’s Make It Count can only count up to number 16, while Google’s Project Glass shines on at 13.

Top 20 Global Video Ads For May 2012

  1. Nike Football | My Time Is Now | 648,483 shares
  2. P&G - Best Job | 341,670 shares
  3. Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 - Reveal Trailer | 148,209 shares
  4. Pepsi MAX - Uncle Drew | 116,783 shares
  5. TNT - A dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square | 93,315 shares
  6. Radio Klassick - Flash Mob On The Copenhagen Metro | 68,347 shares
  7. Nike Football - My Time Is Now: Mario Balotelli And The Nike Barbershop | 44,510 shares
  8. Life Vest Inside - Kindness Boomerang – “One Day” | 39,020 shares
  9. Leap - Introducing The Leap | 35,254 shares
  10. Studie43 - 2 Year Old Dancing The Jive | 31,490 shares
  11. Romney, Believe In America - Day One | 23,703 shares
  12. Peugeot - Nonstop To Rudimental ft John Newman – Feel The Love | 22,742 shares
  13. Google - Project Glass: One Day… | 22,105 shares
  14. Tippex - Hunter And Bear’s 2012 Birthday Party | 22,735 shares
  15. Nike Football - Mercurial Vapor VIII: Cristiano Ronaldo Vs Rafa Nadal | 19,964 shares
  16. Nike - Make It Count | 20,105 shares
  17. Burger King - Steven Tyler | 19,127 shares
  18. Thinkbox - Harvey and Rabbit | 17,230 shares
  19. Carlsberg - Fan Academy | 16,451 shares
  20. Roller Kingdom - Say NO To Crack, Say YES! To Roller Skating | 17,218 shares