A chorus line of semi-naked male models has danced and gyrated its way to the top of Unruly’s Global Ads Chart.

The video, from Abercrombie and Fitch, features the clothing and lifestyle brand’s models doing their own rendition of the web’s most frequently covered song (currently) - Call Me Maybe.

Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit song has so far been the soundtrack for dancing sports teams, singing politicians, even some remarkably talented Corgis, but last month the hottest song online got even hotter – thanks to a little help from some perfectly-chiselled A&F abs.

Filmed on camera phones and spliced together to look like one music video, the clip features male models from A&F’s flagship stores miming to the popular track.

Sure, their lip-syncing is out of time and their dancing a touch awkward, but it's not their performing talent that has won the clip popularity online. The ad manages to be both sexy and to make use of a very well-known internet meme.

Plunging into the meme pool for inspiration is certainly not an easy thing for advertisers to pull off. Brands who have tried to hijack existing memes, such as The Double Rainbow Guy and #LOLCats, have had decidedly mixed results in the past. After all, when an idea becomes popular enough to be imitated, web users feel a sense of ownership over it, resenting any brand that tries to exploit it.

But Abercrombie & Fitch seems to have timed this clip perfectly, waiting until the joke is widely established in the mainstream media but still very much a part of the web zeitgeist. Add some shirtless, rippling muscle and the ad has everything it needs to become the talk of the web, earning it a chart-topping 1,330,206 shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere during June.

Crooning its way to number two is a musical offering from one of America’s most loved children’s entertainers.

Mister Rogers Remixed features archive footage of the famous TV presenter and sets it to music. Although Rogers has been dead for a number of years, he is still a much-loved icon of the USA’s Public Broadcasting Service.

The ad skilfully draws on the current trend for auto-tuning archive footage to pop songs to create an original song that stars a fondly-remembered childhood icon.

With 867,960 shares, the clip relies on viewers’ nostalgia for Mister Rogers, with the song echoing the themes of his shows. But it’s not all about jogging fond childhood memories, the ad manages to show the continued relevance of PBS and its programming, encouraging viewers to donate and keep the network on the air.

Another leading ad that makes good use of music is Coca-Cola’s Security Cameras. The clip is the ultimate in feel-good advertising, as Roger Hodgson’s Give A Little Bit is set to CCTV footage from around the world. The ad encourages viewers to “look at the world differently” and rather than showing acts of crime, the grainy CCTV footage features acts of generosity, large and small. There are pranks, stolen kisses and some terrible public dancing. All in all, it is a video that could melt the stoniest of hearts.

Put together by Young & Rubicam, the ad celebrates kindness, sharing and the sort of universal empathy that the drinks brand has been endorsing since the famous Buy The World A Coke commercial of 1971. While Coke has admitted that it has had to recreate some of the scenes depicted, the ad’s positivity and humour attracted 443,576 shares during June.

Rather lacking in positivity and humour, but exploding with action and excitement, is the latest Dark Knight Rises trailer.

To tease the upcoming third instalment in the popular Batman reboot, Warner Brothers teamed up with Nokia to promote the film through exclusive content on the Lumia handset. This ad, hosted on Nokia’s YouTube channel, earned 337,054 shares, making it the fourth most shared ad during June.

With little in the way of explosive action, but still boasting plenty to get tech geeks on the edge of their seats, the new Microsoft’s Surface tablet appears in a sleek ad that presents it as a rival to Apple’s iPad. Although showing little of the gadget in action, the clip uses some very stylish shots of ball bearings defying physics and rocks being smashed apart, suggesting the tablet is here to break new ground in the tech market.

Coming in at number 5, with nearly 255,000 shares, the ad benefitted from a teaser campaign that built up excitement ahead of the ad’s official launch.

Also getting tech fans in a sweat during June was a new game-play demo of Ubisoft’s upcoming Watch Dogs game. At nearly 10 minutes long, the clip introduces the premise of the game with a short animation that then gives way to a demo of the game’s controls, features and storyline. Not in itself a riveting watch, the clip tries to show as much of Watch Dogs as possible with a view to impressing hard-core gamers.

Released to coincide with the games industry’s biggest event of the year, E3, the clip earned over 235,900 shares in June, making it the sixth most popular ad last month.

Also released during E3, EA’s FIFA 13 volleyed its way to number 14, with 87,803 shares, while Assassins’ Creed 3, from Ubisoft, took both the 16 and 17 spots with an official trailer and a game-play demo respectively.

Shooting into the number seven spot is BMW M5 Bullet, a ballistic ad by Cundari Toronto that turns the world’s fastest salon into a speeding piece of art.

Other ads to break into Unruly’s top 20 in June were Nike’s The Ring Maker, starring NBA star Lebron James, a spot for the new series of Dexter, and a hilarious new spot from Pine-Sol.

Top 20 Most Shared Ads - June 2012

  1. Abercrombie & Fitch: Call Me Maybe – 1,330,206 shares in last 30 days
  2. PBS Digital Studios: Mister Rogers, Garden Of Your Mind – 867,961
  3. Coca-Cola: Security Cameras – 443,576
  4. Nokia-Warner Bros: Dark Knight Rises Trailer – 337,054
  5. Microsoft: Surface – 254,835
  6. Ubisoft: Watch Dogs Demo Video – 235,922
  7. BMW: BMW M5 Bullet – 168,455
  8. Pepsi: Uncle Drew – 116,102
  9. Pine-Sol: Pranked – 109,989
  10. Irn-Bru: Baby – 103,166
  11. P&G: Best Job – 101,664
  12. Nike: My Time Is Now – 98,202
  13. NASA: Venus Transit – 87,803
  14. EA: E3 FIFA 13 Reveal Gameplay Trailer – 87,290
  15. Samsung: Introducing Samsung Galaxy III, A Day In The Life  - 86,257
  16. Ubisoft: Assassins’ Creed 3, E3 Official Trailer – 80,247
  17. Ubisoft: Assassins’ Creed, E3 Frontier Gameplay Demo – 76,492
  18. Nike: The Ring Maker – 69,493
  19. TNT: Dramatic Surprise – 66,790
  20. Showtime: Dexter, Truth Brings Light – 65,745
  • Kent Ong

    I prefer the first video, it is not too corporate, it is funny and interesting. While others look like advertising videos.