Tools for Improving Online Video Ad Viewership and Engagement

Tools for Improving Online Video Ad Viewership and Engagement

Everyone from TV networks to indie web producers want to know how to get more viewers for their videos, because more viewers in turn means more advertisers. Keep an eye then on some of the new tools from online video tech firms Taboola and Adap.TV and the work they're doing. For more details, check out this week's New Media Minute.

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By day, Daisy Whitney is a producer, on-air correspondent, podcaster and raconteur in the new media business. She produces conferences for iMedia and provides strategy consulting to businesses on their online video presence and the online video marketplace. As a reporter, Daisy covers new media for NBC’s KNTV,, Beet.TV, MediaPost and others. She also hosts the top-ranked iTunes audio podcast “This Week in Media,” which you should totally subscribe to. View All Posts By -

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  • Rob Allan

    This video keeps buffering to many times. That sends viewers away. I usually make my frame size 480 x 270. That helped me a lot with lag problems I used to have.

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