3 Tips to Increase Video Views with Video Recommendations

3 Tips to Increase Video Views with Video Recommendations

If you're a brand, publisher or content provider producing videos for the Web, you want people to find and watch your videos. What are some new ways that can help you make certain that your videos are more easily discovered, played and viewed?  One way is through using intelligent video recommendations to capture browsers and showcase personalized video recommendations. Watch this week's New Media Minute for more on these tips on how to increase your video views.

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Tips for Increasing Views Via Recommendations "Related Videos"

I asked the Adam Singolda, CEO of Taboola - for some tips to increase views to your site.  Basically, what can you do to othat your users are aware of video on your site and therefore increase video revenues.

1) Visibility:

The hardest task is to convert non-video viewers to video viewers.  People still read substantially more than they watch videos.

Promote videos across your site

  • On your homepage
  • On your category pages
  • On your article pages

2) Personalized Recommendations:

Make your video recommendations smarter with popular videos from the same category.  Amp up your recommendations for more intelligent and personalized recommendations that take into account how people are finding your articles/videos.

More personalized video recommendations result in a 3X lift in video views according to Taboola

3) Syndication Opportunities:

Getting them to come to your site isn't always the end goal for videos views.  Always look for syndication opportunities and distribution for your videos to gain scale..

Look for sites that have no video or limited videos because those could be perfect sites for you to partner with and not only gain new audience, but provide video to the site that more likely needs it.

More Tips for Video Recommendations:

Adam has also written a few great insightful guest expert articles on ReelSEO with even more tips for video recommendatsions:  These are a great, related read.

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    Great post, i would suggest submitting your video link to other video sites, like http://www.video-wiki.com where your video is distributed to Social Media. You will get 30-40 views from start.

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    I think that sharing videos on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can help bring in views as well.

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    Great Post! I like your new tips but I like most this "Make your video recommendations smarter with popular videos from the same category". I have also seen your video. This is very helpful for us.

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    People often fail to place the video in the wrong place ... Fail also placing adsense modules. I think we should use a little psychology to put these things in the right place