We got to to talk to Digital Media Marketing Consultant Julie Perry while at the ReelSEO Video Marketing Summit.  She moderated our panel, "Best Practices to Optimize the Video Advertising Opportunity," which we covered today in this post.  Julie knows her TrueView ads, and she gave us three tips to follow when it comes to putting up a TrueView campaign.

Here's what Perry had to say:

Definitely give advertising a try.  And the best place to start would be the TrueView ad formats on YouTube, including search advertising and pre-roll advertising.

1. You don't pay unless someone's watched thirty seconds of your video if it's over 30 seconds.  If it's under 30 seconds, you pay when they watch the whole thing.  So make an ad that's like 35-36 seconds long.  Give them all the information you want them to have up until about 26-27 seconds.  Then do some sort of still--have all the information up, but hold it, before the 30-second mark.  That way you get the free impression, but you don't pay for the view if they decide to skip it before the 30 second mark.

2. Try remarketing lists with your TrueView advertising.  From the get-go you have to have a remarketing list set up, so if you have great content--for example, ReelSEO, Tim Schmoyer--what you should be doing is putting up that great content with your creator tips, but every time someone watches those informative videos, they get added to the remarketing list.  Later, when ReelSEO has events like this summit, you can have a pre-roll ad popping up for those who are on those remarketing lists.  So the benefit there is that they're already familiar with your brand, so when they see your ad, they won't skip it.

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3. Do the TrueView search ads, because once someone has seen that pre-roll ad, most likely what they're going to do is search for you, and they'll search for you on YouTube, because that's where they saw the ad.  So have waiting in the wings a TrueView search ad all done through Google AdWords for Video, so when someone searches for you, boom, your ad's right there.

We'd like to thank Julie for giving us some great TrueView tips.  One of my own would be, "Give people a reason not to skip."  Do something in the first five seconds that grabs their attention so that they won't want to skip the ad, because people are trigger-happy.

  • Alex

    Not sure I agree with the tip 1 about trying to "get free impressions". Even though its a CPV model, Google is still optimizing to preroll start CPM. Trying the tactic outlined in #1 is only going to decrease your view-through rate and subsequently increase your CPV.

  • alexnjoy

    This tips are good for advertisers, but bad for youtubers! You are cheating and stealing from them.

  • Julie Perry via Facebook

    Thanks for sharing my tips, guys! The summit was fantastic, and I hope you consider doing another one again soon.

  • http://www.workonayacht.com/ Julie Perry

    Thanks for sharing my tips for TrueView ads on YouTube, Tim. And yes, great tip on giving them a reason not to skip. Indeed, people are trigger happy these days!

    While it's important to grab attention quick and not waste time with grand openers, also be sure to try and get enough information up front that if viewers want to seek you or your product out later, they know the main details of what to search. (Examples: product name, company name, event name, contest name, catchy promotion name. Even have your web domain visible. A call to action telling them what to search and why never hurts either.)

    The targeting options within TrueView/Google AdWords for Video allow you to reach relevant audiences based on gender, age, location demographics, but of even greater benefit for ad targeting, you can go after audiences based on the content topic AND by user-interests based on their viewing history. So while the viewers you are reaching might very well be interested in what you are advertising, they also might just be in a hurry or super keen on watching that piece of content they selected to watch. Therefore, use your ad to give them all the detailed information (who, what, when, where and how they can learn more) up front, so that even if they do choose to skip, they know how to find you later.

    A final piece of advice for anyone choosing to do the TrueView pre-roll ads: Don’t forget to create and include a companion banner ad. It shows up to the right of the video on the watch page, and it remains up even if people choose to skip your ad. The size if it is showing on YouTube-only is a 300x60 companion banner. File Type: JPG, static GIF, or SWF. Link that puppy right over to your chosen landing page.

    The pre-roll video itself is also clickable over to your designated landing page; however, I feel people are still unaware that clicking the video takes them elsewhere. And let's face it, they have something they came to watch and they'd like to get on to it. So DON'T expect that TrueView pre-roll will necessarily give you a high CTR for website traffic. They might, just don't make it a main KPI. But DO expect that if you leave an impression, give them a call to action or at least enough information for them to seek you out later, and take the time to target your ads with precision so you are reaching relevant audiences, you WILL benefit from this form of advertising.

    Good luck!

    • Ian Piepenbrock

      Hi Julie, great video and very helpful information. Just wondering if you know this:

      Last week I found out that when you are a Google Apps for Business user, and have your Youtube-channel connected to a Google+ page you can't connect that Youtube-channel to AdWords. This option simply does not exist for Google Apps users.

      Here's the problem: if you can't connect your Youtube-channel to AdWords, you are unable to create and use the remarketing lists you mentioned. Can you confirm this?