Tips For Developing A Tablet Device Marketing Strategy

Tips For Developing A Tablet Device Marketing Strategy

With tablet sales tracking to hit 24 million this year, brands are trying to crack the code on the best approach to a tablet strategy. A recent eMarketer report says 41% of consumers are keen on the device for its shopping capabilities. Here are top three tablet dos and don'ts shared by WPP's Andrew Solmssen in this week's New Media Minute to help brands large and small launch a powerful tablet strategy. Please enable Javascript and Flash to view this video.

So our series in top do's and don'ts in new media continues today, with some practical advice for developing a tablet strategy. Now a just released eMarketer report on iPads and tablets says consumers are often drawn to the device–41% of them–for online shopping. So if you have anything to sell, it would make sense to have an iPad strategy.

So I asked Andrew Solmssen, who is L.A. Managing Director of media agency WPP's Interactive Division, for his top three do's and don'ts for tablet marketing, and they apply to any brand–small or large.

Top 3 Do's & Don'ts for Tablet Marketing Strategies

Plan For Multiple Tablet Platforms

  • Do make your tablet app work on different platforms, which means using HTML5 so it can work on Google tablets, the iPad, the Playbook, and others.
  • Don't mistake an iPad app as a revenue channel. You need to give it away, because it's job is to market your business.

Use The Tablet Capabilities For An Overall Brand Experience

  • Do make your tablet experience special. Take advantage of the fun features of the platform, the eye candy–zooming around, expanding the screen.
  • Don't make your app a standalone experience. You really need to make sure it fits into an overall campaign or brand experience.

Update Frequently, Don't Just Advertise

  • Do update religiously. The App Store makes it easy, and consumers expect it now.
  • Don't make an app that's just an ad for your company. It needs to do something like offer a shopping experience as HSN has done or approximate your catalog like Lands End.

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