Time Warner Cable Android Tablet App Disappoints, Will Not Stream Content

Time Warner Cable Android Tablet App Disappoints, Will Not Stream Content

Time Warner Cable has announced that their TWCTV app is coming to Android Tablets but it won't allow you to watch TV, only to do some things like control your DVR and act as a remote. That's sort of a let down, really. The iPad app allows streaming of some channels at least.

Basically, the Time Warner Cable Android tablet app turns your tablet into a remote control. The app is free to subscribers and lets you control your DVR with the tablet. It also allows you to add favorite channels and use the tablet as a standard remote for the box. I would guess it's all got to be locked down to a local network for the remote control stuff. It would be freaky, and sort of pointless, if you could do things like turn it off, change channels, etc when you weren't in the house.

About The Time Warner Cable Android Tablet App

The app is available to all customers with set-top boxes or DVRs running the Time Warner Cable "Navigator" interactive program guide.

Features on TWCTV 1.0 for the Android tablet include:

  • Interactive Program Guide (IPG) – a complete IPG experience, with 7 days of program listings including full program description
  • Search – search TV listings by title or episode name
  • Remote Control of STB – the ability to use the Android tablet as a set-top box remote control, choosing a program from the grid guide and tuning the DVR or set-top box to the selected channel.
  • DVR Manager – the ability to remotely schedule or change upcoming DVR recordings

The app has been certified to run on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 or Motorola Xoom, but is designed to run on any Honeycomb (Android 3.x) tablet.

The good news is, you could ditch their remote then and save yourself $2 a month. But what happened to their TV on tablets push they had going? They were doing so well with the iPad app and blazing a trail. Now they seem to have petered out and given into pressure from the studios. I guess we'll all have to go back to using DLNA servers so they can't control where we watch our content anymore.

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