This week on the Reel Rebel, Stephen Schweickart introduces a slightly more advanced video editing technique used to create time-lapse videos.  Essentially, time-lapse video editing is a technique that's often used to speed up a video clip and give the illusion of compressed time.  Stephen walks us through when and how to do time-lapse videos and gives a brief tutorial on how to do time-lapse video editing in Windows MovieMaker, and Apple's iMovie.

How to Do Time-Lapse (Fast Motion) Video Editing

Using time lapse is a great way to add something to your videos that takes it from a more basic viewing experience to something a little more exciting.  It is often a great way to transition between scenes and can give your audience an indication of how much time you want them to feel has passed when there is more footage than you have time for.

Time-Lapse Video Editing in iMovie

1. Place the clips you want to adjust into your timeline.
2. Select the entire clip or a portion of it and click "Clip" in the top menu.
3. Select how much faster you want the clip to go.
4. To adjust further, select "I" for the inspector and edit the speed by entering a percentage or duration.

Time-Lapse Video Editing for Windows MovieMaker

1. Place the clips you want to adjust into your timeline.
2. Select the entire clip or cut out the clip you want to apply the effect to by click "Split" in the edit menu.
3. Select the newly created clip and choose "Speed" drop down to adjust the speed until you get the desired effect.