TidalTV Video Ads Come To Roku, But No Word On How it Will Integrate

TidalTV Video Ads Come To Roku, But No Word On How it Will Integrate

See, there is, eventually, no way to escape advertising. Even if you have got a Roku box and were streaming online videos. TidalTV just signed a deal with Roku to bring video advertising to their Roku boxes. Then again, you were probably experiencing video advertising through many of those channels already, right?

TidalTV Video Ads To Roku

TidalTV, ranked 6th in last month's comScore Video Metrix for video ad networks, is expanding their offerings to now include video ads on Roku boxes. What content exactly, remains to be seen, but perhaps they will be built into some new channels or get integrated into some already existing channels available on Roku boxes.

It could certainly be a factor in Roku getting more channels and content available through the service in the sort of, "hey look, you can monetize that content even better now on Roku," sort of way, which, of course, is what content publishers want, monetization.

Here's TidalTVChief Product and Media Officer Brad Herman:

"Though the video marketplace has become increasingly complex, advertisers' ultimate goals remain unchanged -- to reach their brand's targeted consumers and achieve a given outcome."

It's hard to analyze this deal without having input from Roku and their partners. TidalTV is definitely looking to expands its reach through the addition of new platforms. But will the existing Roku channel owners be so keen on running their ads, when they might already be running their own?

Perhaps TidalTV brings with them a group of advertisers that have been unable to crack the Roku space or perhaps this is just one of several places that TidalTV is aiming to show up so they can then market targeting based on Internet TV usage and platforms. Is Boxee next on their hit list? That might be a tougher nut to crack what with the ability for people to create their own Boxee boxes.

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