This Is What YouTube Is Really Like [Video]

This Is What YouTube Is Really Like [Video]

You've got to love these satirical videos that take aim at YouTube...on YouTube.  They have this underlying love-hate relationship with the platform (like many do) where they point out what is ridiculous about it, but obviously enjoy uploading videos that will make people laugh.  "Welcome to YouTube!" is one of those, and creator Jello Apocalypse has done other such videos on Facebook and Deviant Art, in addition to anime parodies.  Anyway, "Welcome to YouTube!" is a welcome addition to YouTube criticism.  Let's take a look.

Jello Apocalypse's 'Welcome to YouTube!'

Some bad language, so you've been warned:

I didn't think anyone could make an 8-minute video on this topic, and be entertaining throughout, but that's exactly what Jello Apocalypse did here.  The platform obviously has its idiosyncrasies, but we can sit back and laugh at them from time to time.

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  • Carla Marshall

    "If nothing else, I'm sure Machinima will take you in" LMAO