TheFeedRoom Enterprise Video Platform 4.0 Released

TheFeedRoom Enterprise Video Platform 4.0 ReleasedOn the heels of the recent relaunch of video with Brightcove, The FeedRoom has announced its new FeedRoom 4.0 Enterprise video platform (EVP).  Below is the announcement from the FeedRoom.

The FeedRoom, a leading provider of online video solutions for media companies, corporations and government agencies, today announced the release of FeedRoom 4.0 Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) at the 2008 Forrester Consumer Forum. Built on a service-oriented architecture, FeedRoom 4.0 EVP allows companies to more easily create, integrate and manage online video solutions.

The new offering arrives as The FeedRoom prepares to mark a decade as a leader and pioneer in the online video sector, and it addresses significant shifts in the rapidly maturing market. As major organizations have realized the value of online video as a communications tool, video has quickly moved from a departmental deployment to an enterprise buying decision, moving the focus to the customization, design and integration of strategic video applications.

"We have moved rapidly into a period where organizations recognize the power of online video as a communications tool, and we now see it permeating all parts of their business, The FeedRoom CEO and President Mark Portu said. "With FeedRoom 4.0 EVP, we're delivering not only the powerful distribution and measurement that has historically defined our solutions, but also the rich design and open integration capabilities that will be essential in more advanced corporate video environments.

Existing FeedRoom customers have helped to define the key features and functionality of the FeedRoom 4.0 platform which focus on enterprise class scalability, ease of use, and flexibility.

"The FeedRoom has been our strategic partner in online video for the past five years, helping us deliver our unique content to key audiences around the world, both live and on-demand, said Brian Natwick, General Manager of The Pentagon Channel and we are eager to take advantage of this powerful new feature set.

The FeedRoom 4.0 EVP is built on two key components: FeedRoom ContentCore and FeedRoom Studio. FeedRoom ContentCore is the 4.0 platform's central content repository; a scalable, extensible and flexible system for managing all enterprise video content. Built with a web services API, ContentCore also provides ease of integration with existing systems, including enterprise content management platforms (ECM), storage and distribution systems, network security standards, and leading reporting and analytics solutions.

FeedRoom Studio exposes the power of ContentCore to publishers through a simple dashboard, which streamlines every step of the video publishing process. Built in Adobe Flex with an intuitive and flexible user interface, Studio allows every stakeholder in an organization, from business owners to technical staff, and even interns, to easily manage video content. Other key 4.0 platform components have been released throughout the past year:

  • Really Simple Upload (RSU) A fully customizable environment for User Generated Content (UGC) initiatives or other specialized content contribution workflows. RSU includes an easy-to-use web interface, and a web services API for customization, all built on a robust transcoding infrastructure.
  • PlayerBuilder An intuitive environment for designing, deploying and managing video players.
  • FeedRoom Access A suite of fully 508-compliant interfaces, insuring that video content adheres to the same accessibility standard as other content. FeedRoom Access affords accessibility to disabled users in compliance with Section 508 of the Federal Rehabilitation Act.

"FeedRoom Access and FeedRoom Really Simple Upload demonstrate the power of The FeedRoom 4.0 EVP's open and modular design, as they can be deployed as powerful stand-alone applications that address unique customer requirements, said Matt DeLoca, SVP of Sales & Marketing for The FeedRoom. "At the same time, as part of the 4.0 platform they integrate into a comprehensive end-to-end offering which addresses the needs of any part of the enterprise.

FeedRoom 4.0 EVP supports all previous FeedRoom solutions, allowing existing customers to migrate to the new platform easily over time. New customers will find it even faster and easier to launch new online video solutions, from live webcasts to rich social networking environments.

"This release is the beginning of a new era for the company. We will continue to provide the best consulting and professional services in the industry, and will now do that on the most sophisticated enterprise video platform on the market. Portu said. "Online video is spreading beyond entertainment and into every facet of the enterprise. Companies looking for white-label services must have the flexibility to use an enterprise platform out of the box or design and integrate a solution tailored to their specific business needs.

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