The Week In Video: YouTube Is Bigger And Better Than TV, Says YouTube

The Week In Video: YouTube Is Bigger And Better Than TV, Says YouTube

A wave of Newfronts activity hit the online video world this week with AOL, Yahoo, Crackle, Hulu and Blip all announcing new original content ventures. YouTube were there, of course, not only to confirm the latest viewing stats for the world's largest video site but to boldly claim that TV was dead and YouTube had changed the way an entire generation watched news and entertainment. In other stories from around the web, we saw some familiar faces do very well at the Webby Awards and pick our way through more Google Glass snippets.

Fullscreen Launch First Third-Party YouTube App

OK Glass, record a video! YouTube Network Fullscreen are the first company to produce an app that will enable users of Google Glass to record a video via the device, upload it straight to their YouTube account and distribute it automatically via Twitter, should they want to. Although only the chosen few currently have access to the new technology, Fullscreen have launched BEAM in anticipation of the demand once Google Glass becomes more widely available to the public. Very exciting.

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Red Bull, Netflix,'Dumb Ways To Die' Shine At Webby Awards

There were lots of worthy winners at the 17th Webby Awards this week including:

Red Bull Stratos (Entertainment Short Form, Events and Live Webcasts)

Netflix (Media Streaming)

House of Cards (Special Achievement)

McCann – Who took home the Viral Award for this little beauty:

Full List of Winners: 2013 Webby Awards

Google: YouTube has already won the battle with TV

It's been a week of big, bold statements from YouTube this week. Google Chairman, Eric Schmidt told advertisers at YouTube's Newsfront event that "YouTube has defeated your TV in the competition for your attention." with Global Head of Content Robert Kyncl adding that:

“I thought that YouTube was like TV, but it isn’t. I was wrong. TV is one-way. YouTube talks back. TV means reach. YouTube means engagement”

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Watching Online Porn Is Still The Most Popular Thing Ever

The streaming of porn videos accounts for 30% of all internet traffic and adult sites get more traffic per month than Amazon, Twitter and Netflix combined………

The Week In Video: YouTube Is Bigger And Better Than TV, Says YouTube

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