The Week In Video: YouTube Dirty Tricks And More Arrested Development

The Week In Video: YouTube Dirty Tricks And More Arrested Development

So, Hulu got taken off the market again, YouTube introduced multi channel login with a single account, Netflix hinted that they may be producing another series of 'Arrested Development' in the same week they launched their new comedy series 'Orange is the New Black', Fullscreen signed another big YouTube name, the SMOSH channel hit 11 Million subscribers and Vine came to the Windows 9 phone at last.

Welcome to the week in online video.

Justin Timberlake And Robin Thicke's Dirty YouTube Tactics

The millions of words written on the subject of the sexually explicit videos from Robin Thicke and Justin Timberlake have been worth more than their weight in gold – which is kind of the point in PR terms. 'Blurred Lines' is the second biggest selling single of the year (behind 'Get Lucky') and Timberlake is unlikely to have a flop on his hands with 'Tunnel Vision'. Controversial videos naturally attract views which, since the decision to include online streaming as a chart metric in the States, is vital for any artist.

Boob filled videos = stratospheric views = higher chart positions = more income for everyone involved.

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16% Of Canadian Cord Cutters Only Watch Web Video

In a Google commissioned report from comScore, around 16% of Canadian adults confirm that they no longer watch TV through anything as mundane as an actual television set, instead relying on online video content for their news and entertainment. 45% of those surveyed said they watch both online video and TV. Canadians watch around 2.9 Billion YouTube videos a month, that's an average of 127 videos per user.

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63% Increase In Los Angeles Online Video Productions

Online video production appears to be thriving on the West Coast with an increase of 63.1% in Q2 2013 compared to Q2 2012. The increase is being attributed to the decline in on location feature production alongside the rise in web based TV and film content.

The Week In Video: YouTube Dirty Tricks And More Arrested Development

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Fullscreen Signs YouTube Star Brittani Louise Taylor

The latest signing to Fullscreen is 'actress/artist/supernerd' Brittani Louise Taylor. She brings with her over 1.2 million subscribers from across her three channels, one for comedy, one for vlogging and a third for beauty tips. Fullscreen, which has the second largest network of channels on YouTube, will take charge of advertising and distribution. Senior Talent Manager Andrew Graham said of the acquisition:

Brittani has managed to be a powerful, independent voice on YouTube for over half a decade. We're thrilled to be working with someone of her caliber.

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Netflix In Talks for More Episodes of ‘Arrested Development’

The decision to produce a new season of 'Arrested Development' has proved a winner for Netflix and now they are in talks to create a second series. Due to other commitments by cast members, it's unlikely that filming would start any earlier than next summer so a very late 2014 or early 2015 release date looks more realistic at this point.

The Week In Video: YouTube Dirty Tricks And More Arrested Development

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