The Week In Video: Netflix, Jailbreaks And Glassholes

The Week In Video: Netflix, Jailbreaks And Glassholes

Welcome to the week in Netflix and Google Glass. There was other news of course and we certainly brought you the latest updates from YouTube and Vimeo, as well as the Hyundai fiasco and what needs to happen for your video to go viral. Let's now have a round up of some of the stories we didn't cover in depth but feel added to the heady mix of online video news and views we've encountered this week.

Jimmy Kimmel's YouTube Documentary

Let's start off with a little homage to YouTube from Jimmy Kimmel Live…

[Video removed from YouTube]

It's Been Quite The Week For Netflix

Perhaps we should just have called this post 'The Week in Netflix' as there is a huge amount of news and commentary swirling about right now about the company.

This week, Bloomberg estimated that around 10 Million viewers access Netflix for free, due to the generosity of password sharing by friends and family. The service doesn't actively restrict the number of devices that can use one account or restrict the number of people who can sign in, although their T&C's do limit each account to only playing two video streams simultaneously. However, in an effort to monitor and contain extracurricular usage, Netflix are going to introduce both a more personalized user profile as well as a 'family plan' which will cost a little more at $12 per month but allows for users to stream to up to four devices at any one time.

The company also released its Q1 2013 earnings and confirmed subscriber numbers early this week. In terms of streaming media, they gained an extra 2 million subscribers in the U.S. during the first 3 months of this year, and an extra 1 million outside the States. This gives Netflix more U.S. subscribers than HBO.

The Week In Video: Netflix, Jailbreaks And Glassholes

Netflix CEO, Hastings Reed, also predicted this week that he saw the future of TV in apps and that "internet TV will replace linear TV".

First Jailbreak of Google Glass

Days after the device was released, it was successfully jailbroken – to the surprise of absolutely no one. It took hacker Jay Freeman just a couple of hours to crack into the Android 4.0 system and announce his adventure via Twitter:

More of the technology behind Google Glass was discovered by a user this week, not for the last time we are sure. The New York Times also announced that it had created an app that will provide a summary of latest new articles and use audio notifications to alert users to breaking stories.

Oh, and we know that the device has finally arrived when users get their very own term of affection – 'glassholes'. The headlines almost write themselves.

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How Much Does A Video Really Weigh?

Vsauce gives us the answer. Ostensibly a video about the scientific impact of producing and distributing video content, it also gives us a fantastic insight into the art of linkbait.

The Evolution of Online Video Platforms

We saw a nice little infographic from Mediaplatform this week which takes us through the evolution of business video and how this medium has changed the face of training, communication and collaboration.

The Week In Video: Netflix, Jailbreaks And Glassholes

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