The Week In Video: Mother’s Day, David Bowie And Live Pizza Action

The Week In Video: Mothers Day, David Bowie And Live Pizza Action

So this is the week that YouTube finally announced they were introducing a paywall for certain channels after months if not years of hearsay. The internet appears spectacularly underwhelmed at the choice of subscription channels currently available but we all know this is just the beginning. In other news, David Bowie got some much needed publicity for his new single and Yahoo sniff around Hulu after their Dailymotion deal falls through. Happy Mother's Day!

Twitter Cusses You Out For Tweeting On Mother's Day

Awww, Twitter, you big softy. In a very sweet little video they are encouraging more personal contact with your mom/momma/mum/mam/mother today instead of telling her how much you love and appreciate her via a social network platform. All the feels.

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Netflix Responsible For Almost 1/3 Of All Internet Traffic To US Homes

According to Business Week, Netflix (on an average week night) accounts for almost 1/3 of all internet traffic through home in North America – more than iTunes, HBO Go, Amazon, YouTube, BitTorrent and Hulu combined. Netflix subscribers, watch 4 Billion hours worth of streamed film every quarter on more than 1000 different types of devices, which is a fascinating fact in itself but it's news to me that they rent cloud storage from arch rival Amazon.

The Week In Video: Mothers Day, David Bowie And Live Pizza Action

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Vine Goes Viral When Ryan Gosling Just Won't Eat His Cereal

At last, someone creates something on Vine worth watching! Just kidding, we love the app and have enjoyed some of the creative and innovative mini films that have been created so far, but this is genius. I love the internet.

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YouTube Bans New Bowie Video 'By Mistake'

David Bowie's new video for 'The Next Day' is streaming again on YouTube after being banned by the site for contravening their T&Cs regarding graphic content. However, it was an honest mistake YouTube told Billboard magazine:

With the massive volume of videos on our site, sometimes we make the wrong call. When it's brought to our attention that a video has been removed mistakenly, we act quickly to reinstate it.

The music promo, which features cameos from Gary Oldman and Marion Cotillard features Bowie playing a Christ like figure, has drawn criticism from the Church of England and The Catholic League. You can watch the video here for yourselves – complete with its new 'Explicit' warning.

The Week In Video: Mothers Day, David Bowie And Live Pizza Action

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Of Course There's A Video About A Cat Wearing Google Glasses

Kitty honking up a hairball around 1:11 is particularly realistic.


Reddit For Google Glass Is Now Ready To Assault Your Eyeball With Cat Pictures

Viber hits 200m users, rivals Skype with video calling in new Mac and Windows desktop apps

BBC and Channel 4 stay free as YouTube introduces subscription charges

YouTube bans ad for porn website aimed at disabled people

WWE Won’t Jump Into YouTube’s Pay-Video Ring

Facebook video adverts due in the summer

Netflix and Disney reach kids' programming deal

Domino’s Live lets you watch streaming video of your pizza being made

Maker Studios CEO Danny Zappin Steps Down, Endemol's Ynon Kreiz Takes Over

Yahoo! in early talks with Hulu

Google loses appeal in Russian YouTube censorship battle

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