The Week In Video: Internet Cars, Kimmel And Going Viral On YouTube

The Week In Video: Internet Cars, Kimmel And Going Viral On YouTube

There's been hardly any online video news this week – joke, there's been loads! We've brought you the latest from ComScore on video ad data for May, how YouTube are riding high on mobile ad sales and how the moving image is winning out on Twitter. In today's weekly round up, we look back at some of the stories that we didn't cover in depth but we definitely wanted to highlight.

Wonder what questions you can ask of Google Glass? We've got that covered. Annoyed with ads on YouTube? You're not the only ones. Wanna buy an internet car with built in YouTube – OMG, take all my money!

The 'Blurred Lines' Video Before The Jimmy Kimmel Cut

The unedited version of Robin Thicke's excellent 'Blurred Lines' was banned from YouTube due to an excess of female nudity but the boob free version has, to date, still racked up (geddit?) over 49 million views. Now, the pre-edit cut that we never got to see has been released and we can at last marvel at the not-at-all-awkward appearance of Jimmy Kimmel and security guard Guillermo. Completely awesome.

Google’s Doubleclick Confirms Growth of Online Video

Google published some interesting online video statistics this week as part of their Doubleclick Think series. They confirm that news sites have tripled their video content, while 68% of all video ads come from the auto, retail, tech and consumer packaged goods sector.

The Week In Video: Internet Cars, Kimmel And Going Viral On YouTube

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Oh Yeah, We'd Totally Ask These Questions Too… 

The Glass team take us through some of the uses for Google Glass (mass market them already!) and ask a bunch of questions to see what kind of results they get. I love how all the answers are spot on with absolutely no Siri-style confusion *cough*.

Internet Car To Get Built in YouTube – Sign Me Up

General Motors’ CEO Dan Akerson announced that by mid-2014, GM will partner with AT&T to embed 4G LTE mobile broadband “for faster flow of data that GM says would allow passengers in the backseat to watch streaming video". The aim is to to enable the car to become "a major platform for technology and one with far better battery life than an iPhone." Yes please.

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The Economics Of Going Viral On YouTube

Here are some 57 stats that show the economics behind going viral on YouTube. It takes a perfect storm of the right content vs the right audience to be super successful but the benefits are enormous. Just ask Psy.

The Week In Video: Internet Cars, Kimmel And Going Viral On YouTube

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YouTube Ad Clusterf*ck

YouTube ads, bane of the viewer's life, monetary lifeline for creators and publishers. Those of you that haven't installed Adblock Plus yet may appreciate the following from UCB Comedy:


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