AMC To Launch The Walking Dead Web Series Before Season 2 Premiere

AMC To Launch The Walking Dead Web Series Before Season 2 Premiere

In what will likely be a mainstream, every day occurrence for all kinds of regular TV series in the future, AMC will provide a web series launch on October 3, just before the October 16 Season 2 premiere of their hit The Walking Dead.  This practice has become ever more common as the networks try to build buzz and excitement for an anticipated TV event.  A web series does the neat trick of providing new content for those who can't wait for the new season, while also creating awareness and extra revenue that wouldn't exist otherwise.

The Walking Dead Web Series

The new web series will cover the character known as "Bicycle Girl," a legless zombie character that in the series premiere was shot by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).  She is the first zombie you see in the series, and as such she has a following.  Actress Melissa Cowan went through three hours of makeup to become the series' iconic zombie:

[Video removed from YouTube]

The web series will give back-story for the character, before she came a zombie.

The Walking Dead averaged over 6 million viewers in its first season, ranking 5th overall for all cable shows and 1st in the coveted 18-49 demographic.  Its Season 2 premiere will be a 90-minute episode and AMC has been pulling out all the stops to make this a huge launch.  In addition to the web series, the cable channel is also going to debut a post-show called "The Talking Dead," hosted by Chris Hardwick for episode discussion.  Sounds like pretty great fun!

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  • Omar Sauceda

    Been waiting almost a year for season 2. Worth the wait! Has everything from drama, action n horror. Great show!

  • Johnny Libitz

    Watch Season two action packed......Run Run Run......Zombie Zombie Zombie.

  • Cougar Joe Campbell

    awesome cant wait for season two :)

    • Cougar Joe Campbell

      if you havnt seen the walking dead you should go out and get cought up on the first season cause season two is coming bes series iv eer seen!!!

    • Cougar Joe Campbell

      season two starts on the 16th

  • Chris Lane