Netflix and AMC must get along pretty well. They keep making content licensing deals that are helping both brands. And we're not talking about the lesser-known AMC shows like The Killing, or the now-canceled Rubicon. We're talking about the cream of the crop. In just the last several months, Netflix has added Mad Men and Breaking Bad--two of the most acclaimed shows on any television network (and two of my personal favorites). Now The Walking Dead is on Netflix with a new exclusive streaming agreement.

The Walking Dead is On Netflix

Season 1 of The Walking Dead, a hit with both critics and a sizable cult following, is available right now according to (though I can't seem to find it as of this writing). Some of you have probably already gone to check for yourself, because the people that I know who love The Walking Dead are huge fans... almost rabid.

This is perfect timing, also, for the start of Season 2 later this month. Fans who want to catch up or simply brush up by rewatching the first season can do so in time for the new one. And AMC might even see a boost in ratings early in Season 2, with a few new viewers who've spent the last year hearing about how great the show is deciding to jump in. It is only 6 episodes, after all, so it's not difficult to get through it pretty quickly... unless you have a queasy stomach.

The Walking Dead broke records for AMC with its premiere in 2010. And while there was some division among viewers that the show might have gotten a little slow after the first two episodes, the source material--a graphic novel--has such a large cult following, most viewers will likely stay with the show. The trailer for Season 2 does look pretty intense:

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The deal is exclusive, which makes it another huge score for Netflix, who has stopped bungling their PR efforts and started adding good content. (I still say the Dreamworks Animation deal is huge). And with some analysts now saying the projected losses for Netflix were overblown, I'm starting to think they're going to be okay. The Walking Dead deal is also multi-year, so I presume upcoming seasons will appear on Netflix streaming as well, but that's not a guarantee.

Well, Walking Dead fans? Are you excited? Does adding critically-acclaimed shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead make Netflix a more attractive service?

  • Scott Long

    I hope season two is on netflix as I no longer have cable TV. I liked season one but no end sort of left hanging.

  • Nathan Brandon

    s2 please get here!

  • Shari Dickson

    season 2 please! not on netflix or blockbuster.

  • Mary Deatherage

    no! Thinking about switching to hulu just so I can watch the second season... because I don't have amc Chanel.

  • Mia Jean

    why there is no walking dead season 2 in canada netflix?

  • iSRS

    Chris, for some shows (namely Disney Channel shows) they do get them a few days after they air. Would LOVE it if they got Walking Dead in the same way for season 2. Guessing not, but I wonder...

  • Chris Lane

    Very excited! Netflix has been going down the tubes so much lately, but maybe some of these latest additions will finally turn them around? I'm still pissed about a lot of the stuff they've been doing, but it's been getting better. Now if they could just do like Hulu and get the shows on a day or two after they are released on TV...