The Social Video Blueprint: A Marketer's Guide To Social Video Success (Free E-Book)

A few months ago we brought you a 9-part series on social video marketing called The Social Video Blueprint. It was intended to serve as an outline of sorts, for companies and brands (and individualcreators) seeking to ignite their video marketing with a social kick.

Social video is basically the practice of creating video content that lends itself naturally to social media and sharing activity--what kind of video is going to solicit more comments, shares, likes, or forwards? And now we've taken that series of articles and turned it into a free e-book called The Social Video Blueprint, and you can grab a copy today... for free!

The Social Video Blueprint: A Marketers Guide To Social Video Success (Free E Book) social video blueprint cover 3d transparent no shadow 200x272 Over the course of nine weeks, we discussed and dissected "social video" to unearth the best practices--the common traits among video campaigns that were successful in promoting sharing activity.

Social video is about knowing the audience's wants and needs from an entertainment standpoint, and delivering that content with minimal branding or messaging. If you hit the emotional sweet spot with viewers--whether you're a business or just one guy--they'll be much more engaged with your content, and much more inclined to spread the word about it.

The entire series is now available as a free e-book, and you can get your copy of The Social Video Blueprint today.

Get The Social Video Blueprint Today!

It doesn't contain any ninja secrets or magic beans... it's not a shortcut to viral video stardom. But what it is... is a field guide outlining the structure and characteristics of a successful social video campaign.

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  • Michael N Lorelei Torino

    Thanks for the Tips and Help you guys offer.

    • Mark Robertson

      Of course Michael. Thank you for the support.

  • Martin Salter

    Interesting read. One thing I would like to flag up is how skilled generating good content is - and that skill has a value. At the moment video production companies are sprouting up everywhere all offering the same thing - video production. But it's not about video production its about ideas, and ideas are the most valuable commodity you have. Great creatives earn a lot of money - for a very good reason, the same reason as great songwriters earn lots of money, and great actors, and directors - because these skills are not common to all. Most online video content is unwatchable rubbish - but there is the great stuff, the user generated and the commercially financed - and again ideas rule here. If you have great ideas - don't sell them cheap, keep your prices high enough to feed your family and pay the mortgage and don't ever give them away for free. Interesting times ahead.

    • Jeremy Widdup

      Know what Martin - Excellent point - we all get wrapped up in structures - we lose sight of the contribution of effects and feelings from the the hands of a talented editor and story teller.

    • Jamie Lynch

      Creativity is a gift that needs to be rewarded. Love your post its right on!

  • Mary M Wilson

    Every link to a YT video goes to an account that has been terminated for violating YT's community guidelines.

    • Mark Robertson

      Ahhh shoot... Guess I need to double check that information. Sorry about that. We'll see what we can find. @[704729512:2048:Jeremy Scott] - can you double check those links to see if they're correct or where we went wrong?

    • Jeremy Widdup

      Glad you posted this Mary - I thought it was just me - since it was every link - I'm not over disappointed though - since doing a search on Google there are other video sites showing their vids and also the companies themselves - some have the video hosted on CDN's and have embeds them on their site - What really interests me more is why the same result FOR ALL the links - is this a massive coincidence or is it a YouTube thing (this would be really interesting to understand) or did the link address get copied incorrectly?

    • Mark Robertson

      It looks like it was because we had them in caps. It should work now if you re-download. Sorry bout that.

    • Mary M Wilson

      Mark Robertson No worries, I did find everything easily enough. Thoroughly enjoying the book, useful and engaging! I'm going to try to pass along some of this to our production team to explain to them what the marketing team is looking for. This explains social video marketing in a way everyone can understand!

    • Craig Seeman

      Mark Robertson I'm also finding the EBook links for the most part don't work and I just downloaded it today. It's not limited to the Video Links. I get no hover icon. Tested in both Acrobat Reader and Apple Preview. Only link that worked (so for) is the second link to BeyondViral on PDF page 3. The link in Forward work (PDF page2) .The Index of Additional Resources on PDF page 10 all work though and page 11 links work as well.

  • Hans Schmart

    There's a lot of in depth theory and practical advice here that I found really helped to consolidate what I have been discussing with our e-marketing team. (It was entertaining too.) I've not seen the landscape of video marketing so clearly mapped out before as it is here. A couple of thoughts:Can a video - where the intent of the brand is that it should be viral - do this without a major 'leg-up' by pumping it into existing networks of significant social influencers and incurring the cost quoted by Sharethrough or the 'Viral Video Agencies' to do this? Can the content and posting it to YT, FB, Twit etc alone be sufficiently relied on in your experience? (BTW In the case of The Single Life it looks like they got a lot more views on FB than YT).The other thought is - shouldn't every digital agency know this stuff as well as specialists like Unruly - and be offering this wisdom as part of their service to brands - fact is, I don't hear it from them with the degree of research that you have here, and armed with even just some of this knowledge we could all avoid time and cost wasted on trials and errors. Are there agencies getting up to speed on this? Finally - when are we going to see the video version of this e-book ;) I'd share it!

    • Jeremy Widdup

      Good Comment Hans - The eBook does stop you thinking just in terms of Viral is everything (well it did for me)

      I'm just starting to see the light myself outside of just posting the vid to YT and hope - What has become clearer for me is that for social video to be really effective you MUST develop a funnel (in social media - or 2.0 sites) -

      And you really do need to spent the time designing the funnel architecture to maximise your exposure and then drive the end funnel to your success page. There is a real art in the design of the funnel and requires a competency that is every bit as important as the content - Basically this optimisation however is really only having a simple objective = just showing up everywhere - Well everywhere your target customer is looking - so if its consumer broad its easy to define - if its High value B2B (As it is in my case) - finding where the CMO for the company is looking online requires more analysis.

      Agree with your take on the digital agencies & yes - I had the same feelings - - Get it - The agencies currently do not! - I also get the sense that the video production companies that get it! - will be the ones in the future that will be showing the value of marketing by using video - not the agencies.

    • Hans Schmart

      Jeremy Widdup - Thanks for that Jeremy - Honda's agency obviously get it with the Ferris Super Bowl Ad- great stuff!