We are very excited to introduce you all to a project we've been dreaming of and planning for quite some time here at ReelSEO! So far most of our online content has been delivered through this site, a text medium, which is great -- we love it! But being a site about online video, we're pumped to start delivering some of that content to you through video, as well.

The Reel Web: News, Tips, & More

Below is our first episode of The Reel Web, a weekly series that will highlight online video news from the previous week, both from our own site and from other places around the Internet.

Each episode also includes a Creators Tip that gives you advice, ideas, and suggestions for those of you who create online videos. We'll help you know how to generate solid content as well as how to get your video to stand out from the millions of other videos on the web.

Watch this week's episode of The Reel Web and let us know what you think! We'd also love to hear your ideas and suggestions for future episodes, as well.

Links mentioned in today's episode

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  • Michael Nistler

    Well done - great format, content and pacing. IMHO, I would be nice if you could duck the background "music beat" maybe 10 dB. The beat is a bit annoying after a while and competes with your fun/interesting, snappy style - no need to prop your show when your performance and content already is a real winner.

    • ReelSEO

      Thanks for the helpful feedback! This is Tim and I'll admit I actually made the noob mistake of not testing the audio. I edited it on a system with a nice sound system, but the music sounds totally different from laptop speakers or headphones. Maybe I should make that be next week's Creator's Tip. :) Thanks, Michael!

  • Jock Mirow

    Very cool - I'm still toying with the live interactive version of this - but in the meantime, I finally finished this minor materpiece "The Circle of Video Internet Life" I submitted it to your "submit" video thingy, but got a blank screen, so I wasn't sure if it made it or not. You guys look great on TV!

  • Abigail Carter

    Glad to see you are starting a weekly video! I'd love to hear someone talk about online video analytics and measurements for success. And I too will look forward to more news on YouTube sitemaps.

  • Rick Smith

    Good stuff!

    • Mark Robertson

      Thanks Rick

  • Mark R Robertson

    I guess I like to use a lot of happy winky faces. I never pay attention to that but I think Ill start...

  • Mark R Robertson

    Thanks Ronnie. Yeah, Im stoked to finally have an online video, video ;)

    Yeah, the truth is that for an information site such as ours, we need both. That being said, being that we promote the use of video, Ill admit 100% anytime, that we should be doing more of that... with time and resources, it will happen.

    Hey - I may have some interesting news on the YouTube sitemap issue in the coming months so Ill certainly let you know about that.

    Clickable would be good, but I also want to be sure we maximize YouTube.. so for now, Im going to try using that player and see what we find... I may revert to our own someday ;-) Thanks for the comment (I know I owe you an email so that's coming)

  • Jessie Hu

    Great initiative! More videos and less texts.

    • ReelSEO

      Thanks, Jess! We'll go with it and see what the response is. Thanks for your feedback!

    • Mark Robertson

      I know.. I've been meaning to do this for some time and finally.... ;-) Glad you enjoyed.

  • VideoLeadsOnline

    Like I commented in YouTube land on the above video... I think this is great! I would not go so far as others and say you should only do video and drop the text... I think the video summary you've done is super.

    I still think that the text articles are needed for the details and SEO Value for your site. Plus you are posting the video to YouTube (Smart idea!) and I guess it is still hard to "claim" that posted video as yours in Video Sitemaps, etc.

    Once/if that "video claiming" issue is ever addressed by YouTube/Google there will be a lot more desire to fully understand Video Sitemaps, etc. to get true onsite value from our posted YouTube videos.

    Another idea would be to make the videos you show here use interactive elements (clickable links in the video itself to the articles mentioned) to show off your capabilities... of course I think that would push you to put the video somewhere other than YouTube.