This week's episode of The Reel Web is posted! I covered some of last week's news and highlights from the online video world, as well as a tip for those of you who create online videos to know how to best use the first 15 seconds of your video.

As always, let us know what you think in the comments below! And I'd love to hear what you think regarding my question in this episode: What do you think will happen to cable companies in the next 5 years?

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Last Week's Episode: YouTube Launches Music and Google Hangouts

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  • Tim Schmoyer

    @VideoLeadsOnline: I can't speak authoritatively on why YouTube isn't yet more tightly integrated with Google+ yet, but I think it has something to do with how YouTube's framework is structured. From what I understand, their system is not very flexible with how it's set up (that's why you can't change usernames because it would break too many things). I think it's because YouTube wasn't originally built with the idea of being integrated into another system. Google bought it as a stand-alone site and the way it was technically setup makes it a momentous task to re-code and integrate. I'm sure Google has this as a priority to change, but from what I've heard when talking with people who work at YouTube, it's a huge task that will take a long time to migrate.

  • VideoLeadsOnline

    BTW, do you not like Google+ ?

    I'm thinking that they may keep it going, maybe even make it this time as a Social platform. It does seem slow in how much they are integrating YouTube with G+

    Like, I wonder why I can't connect my G+ with one or more of my YouTube channels to more easily share my YT videos on G+. The link to G+ for a Hangout is not what I wanted (may be useful someday).

    I think just simply a Button that easily lets me mark my video, or anyone's video as a good video to see (kinda like adding a Google Plus1 button! to YouTube) onto my G+ Stream. - Maybe I'm slow, but it looks like there is now a +1 button in the share area of YouTube, never noticed it before! They did it! Yea G+

  • VideoLeadsOnline

    Again, Nice overview of what was covered last week here on ReelSEO. Good use of video on a video-centric website!

    2nd week doing this, please keep it up! Woof Woof Woof!