The NXT Stage of This Digital Age

The NXT Stage is a conference for everyone that has a hand in developing video. Whether that video ends up on the web, broadcast for television or for some other purpose  is irrelevant.

The two-day conference is set for March 24-25 at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel and Spa and promises 24 sessions with 90 speakers talking to everony from creative to production and even reaching into the executive levels of the industry.

But what is NXT Stage all about? Well it's about video, but more importantly it's about the creative and production side of video and not the technical or executive sides so much.

Writers, producers and programming executives and enjoy two days of networking as well as sessions dealing with the actual production of video and not about how many ads can be shown during it, what the exact demographics are or if it will be as profitable as possible via external revenue channels. Well you'll get that...and lunch.

Reel SEO is a media sponsor for the show and that means that Reel SEO readers can get a special treat, 25% off the standard $495 pricetag. I know you can hardly contain yourself now so I'll just give you the code and the link and let you be on your merry way to register for the event. You had better hurry, it's only days away!

Reel SEO NXT Stage Online & Mobile Entertainment Conference Coupon:

NXT01  (that's N X T Zero One ... sneaky, no?)

The NXT Stage registration Page:

So you want more information?  Well here are some of the speakers and sessions you will have a chance of sitting in on while you're there:

  • Jim Louderback - Revision3 
  • Lydia Antonini - Warner Premiere
  • Jon Healey - Los Angeles Times
  • Doug Korte - IBM
  • Miriam Holzman - Fox Mobile Entertainment  
  • Zach Posner - National Lampoon
  • David Worthen - FOX Atomic Digital
  • Scott Bushman - Metacafe
  • Story-Telling for the Digital Age
  • Just What Is 360 Degree (programming)?

Ok now I know you want to get moving and register...

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