The FeedRoom Teams With Omniture On ROI

The FeedRoom Teams With Omniture On ROI

Online video communications,  live streaming and asset management firm, The FeedRoom, has teamed up with Omniture and joined their Genesis program. This give online marketers precise video-based analytics  for marketing campaigns including accurate ROI numbers. Ominuture's SiteCatalyst has been integrated into the FeedRoom 4.0 EVP (Enterprise Video Platform) to help out their clients.

The FeedRoom states they can now offer industry-standard metrics and specific reporting for video via the full-featured, real-time information and tracking.

Mark Portu, President and CEO of The FeedRoom believed that most of the available information in regards to video metrics was untapped by many marketers and so with all the extra information they are now providing he believes that they will have an extremely firm grasp on their return-on-investment in regards to online video marketing campaigns.

The FeedRoom EVP is a fourth-generation online video platform that provides end-to-end capabilities for the management and delivery of online video. The affordable, subscription-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) supports all popular Web advertising formats through integration with DoubleClick DART or 24/7 Real Media Open AdStream (OAS), and -- unlike other solutions -- offers advanced contextual targeting and a robust API for customizing ad campaign configurations on the fly.

Together with Omniture, EVP provides Web marketers with:

  • Video optimization reports;
  • Comprehensive Flash application tracking;
  • Support for all media players;
  • A single server call per video, minimizing network chatter;
  • Built-in reporting on video engagement and milestone tracking;
  • Precision ad targeting and placement; and
  • Class-based implementation for Flash and Flex video players, ensuring fast and easy deployment.
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