The Death of User-Generated Online Video Content?

AccuStream iMedia Research believes that the end of the user-generated content era is close at hand as outlined in their recent report Pro Online Video Views 1998–2012. Last year, they say, there was a 25% increase in prodfessionally produced content on the web. This content generated 41.6 billion views. However if I remember correctly last year saw a lot of broadcast companies jump onthe online bandwagon.

In fact TV programs on the web were around 17% of that according to their report and more than 30% was aimed at children.

The Death of User Generated Online Video Content?

"The sharp escalation of professional video content on the Web—mainly from TV networks—is creating a viable base for brand marketers," said David Hallerman, senior analyst at eMarketer.

The Diffusion Group (TDG) found that in 2008, short and user-generated clips made up 60% of US video advertising revenues.

The Death of User Generated Online Video Content?

But TDG analysts predicted that 70% of streaming video ad revenues will come from long-form videos in 2013.

It looks like both viewers and ad dollars are shifting.

Source: eMarketer

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  • Xavier Casanova

    I don't believe it. The UGC trend is here to stay and although the pros will be producing more and more online, the most viral and successful content will continue to come from actual users.

    Another point: isn't it misleading to compare revenue potential for long form vs short form? These are totally difference markets.

  • tlecompte

    I also don't believe that rationale. User-Generated Content (if it is either blog post, online review, video or podcast) will continue to be a powerful force in the marketing and advertising of tomorrow. I think that the playing field has been leveled by the increased popularity, and that professionals (and semi-pros) are only coming into the market because they need the added visibility for business.
    Consumers still drive the largest portion of purchasing decisions for other consumers through word of mouth, and online video can be a powerful WoM tool when used correctly.
    UGC is here to stay…and only going to get better

  • Marco Campanella

    Personally, I think it is too soon to talk about "death" of user-generated video content. The fact that revenues from professional online content are increasing does not mean that do not post homemade videos online anymore. It only means that user-generated videos are difficult to monetize. But users may still like to share their own videos as much as before.