The Death of User-Generated Online Video Content?

AccuStream iMedia Research believes that the end of the user-generated content era is close at hand as outlined in their recent report Pro Online Video Views 1998–2012. Last year, they say, there was a 25% increase in prodfessionally produced content on the web. This content generated 41.6 billion views. However if I remember correctly last year saw a lot of broadcast companies jump onthe online bandwagon.

In fact TV programs on the web were around 17% of that according to their report and more than 30% was aimed at children.

The Death of User Generated Online Video Content?

"The sharp escalation of professional video content on the Web—mainly from TV networks—is creating a viable base for brand marketers," said David Hallerman, senior analyst at eMarketer.

The Diffusion Group (TDG) found that in 2008, short and user-generated clips made up 60% of US video advertising revenues.

The Death of User Generated Online Video Content?

But TDG analysts predicted that 70% of streaming video ad revenues will come from long-form videos in 2013.

It looks like both viewers and ad dollars are shifting.

Source: eMarketer

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