Bring Your Team to the 2014 Reel Video Marketing Summit

Bring Your Team to the 2014 Reel Video Marketing Summit

Yesterday, I talked with Mark Robertson, the Founder and Publisher of ReelSEO. I updated him about some of the new research and case studies that I plan to cover in the “Become an Expert in YouTube TrueView Advertising” workshop, which will be held in two weeks at the Reel Video Summit. And he told me some additional details about what the “YouTube SEO & Audience Development for Marketers” and “Branded Video Content Development – From Ideation to Creation” workshops will be covering – at precisely the same time on Thursday morning, July 24, 2014. As Winifred Sanderson (Bette Midler) says in the 1993 horror comedy film Hocus Pocus, “Damn, damn, damn, double damn!”

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Bring the Team, Spread the Knowledge

There is no possible way for me to sneak out of my own workshop to attend either one of the other two workshops – let alone both of them. And how can I explain to my clients and prospects that I went to the 2014 Reel Video Summit, “where marketers, brands, retailers & storytellers gather to get serious about the business of video,” and learned one-third of what I need to know to be successful these days?

Fortunately, there is a little-known codicil hidden in the ReelSummit registration information which offers Team & Group Rates” [steep discounts] for registrants who are “employed by the same company or organization.” So, it’s possible to bring two colleagues along with me to the two-day summit, make sure they attend each of the other two workshops, and then we can cover it all!

I’ve already written about what you’ll learn in the “Become an Expert in YouTube TrueView Advertising” workshop. So, let me share what I want my colleagues (Jamie O’Donnell and Sean O’Connell) to learn by attending the other two workshops.

YouTube Marketing Workshop Overview

The “YouTube SEO & Audience Development for Marketers” workshop is being taught by’s own Mark Robertson and Tim Schmoyer (both YouTube Certified in Audience Development), and Matt Ballek, Director of Strategic Distribution at Magnet Media. They will dive deep into YouTube marketing best practices, SEO, and audience development strategies – all of which, go hand-in-hand.

In the early days of YouTube, you could upload a video to YouTube, do a few things to make sure that the video was optimized, and then sit back and watch as your video surged to the top of search rankings, and gained in views.  As YouTube has grown to become the second largest social media site and the second most-used platform for searching, strategies and best practices for success have matured. For 2014 and beyond, comprehensive, dedicated, and ongoing strategies need to be developed and followed in order to ensure maximum success on YouTube and in search.

This session will be a hands-on workshop of the core strategies, principles and best practices for building and growing a sustainable YouTube presence and for maximizing the search and marketing potential of your YouTube assets.

Attendees will leave this training with immediately actionable information including:

  • A thorough understanding of what works in YouTube.
  • Strategies, tips, and tricks for optimizing your YouTube presence in search.
  • Ability to turn your audience into advocates for your YT channels.
  • Knowing how to program content that gets results.
  • Tips to use YT analytics to advance your video marketing strategies.
  • The power to convert viewers into valued clients.
  • How to use insights from YouTube analytics to improve your YouTube marketing efforts.

An Educational Workshop Panel of Leading Industry Experts

The “Branded Video Content Development – From Ideation to Creation” workshop is being taught by Tim Pries – Executive Producer at Bonfire Labs – together with a team of video production experts. Attendees will learn the complexities of video content development and the many moving parts that need to be considered: from ideation, to production, to the final deliverable – as a step by step process through the creation process. Here’s what they will cover:

  1. Introduction to the Workshop: Providing an initial view of the client experience at the onset of engagement, highlighting the importance of the Client Brief, Identifying Client Needs and understanding the client’s objectives.
  2. The Creative Process at Work (Creative / Strategy / Ideation): Interpreting a Client Brief and translating it into a Creative Approach and Creative Brief.
  3. The Transition to Production (EP / Director / Line Producer / Creative Tech): Breaking down the Creative Brief/Script, and estimating & creating its visual translation to the screen. The EP, Director, Line Producer and Creative Tech all contribute the conception of its overall production.
  4. Post-Production Apps: Adding Creativity in Post (Producer / Creative / Editor / Animation): Once the piece is shot, assuming it’s live action, the project then lands in the laps of Post Production which consists of but not limited to: editorial, motion graphics, animation and visual effects.
  5. Getting the Audio Right (VO / Sound Design / Music / Mix): Audio is an integral part to the spot, ranging from VO record, Sound Design, Music (stock, custom stock, composed) and Mix. Often times this is a rushed aspect of the process, yet it is one of the key components that drives the piece.
  6. Finishing the Work (Online / Finish / Color Correction): The process of finishing for the web or for broadcast varies, yet there are still certain steps to be made to prepare and enhance the final spot for “air.”
  7. The Importance of Business Affairs in Your Process: Working with the team to evaluate rights, legal, acquisitions, contracts, negotiations, and intellectual property. Union and Non-Union talent payments, etc.

Together, these three workshops will enable your company or organization to learn everything it needs to know about online video marketing to be successful these days. There’s just one catch: You will need to bring two colleagues with you to the 2014 Reel Video Summit – unless, of course, you’ve figured out how to be in three places at once. If you have, then please let me know your trick. It will also come in handy on Friday, July 25, when the sessions will be held in a couple of concurrent tracks at the ReelSummit. Oh, and if you’ve already registered for the event and want to add two more members of your team, just use the secret code words, “Hocus Pocus,” to get around the registration requirement: “All members of the team must register at the same time. Discounts can not be applied retroactively.”

Please visit the 'Team and Group Rates' page for more information on team discounts available for the 2014 ReelSummit.

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