In creating video content it is essential to know your video audience.  Being aware of who your audience is will not only help you in deciding what kind of content to create, but also the tone the videos should have and whether what you are providing is relevent and engaging to your viewers.

In this week's Creator's Tip Kevin Nalty shares his tips on how to get to know your audience better.

Tip 1: Engage in the Comments

Always pay attention to the comments you receive from your viewers.  These will give you a good head start to see if what you are providing is of interest to your audience.

Tip 2: Ask a lot of Questions.

Engagement is a great way to get to know your audience better.  While comments are an initial view at what your audience likes, be sure to ask questions as necessary.  You might be surprised by the comments you receive.

Tip 3:  Create Videos That Are True to You.

While you do want to create videos that your audience will find interesting, you need to be sure you balance that with keeping your videos true to yourself.  You don't want to get yourself in the rut of creating videos that don't also reflect who you are and what you want to get across.

Tip 4:  Collaborate with Others to Exchange Audiences.

If you are trying to engage a new target audience or a group that you don't have a lot of viewers for, a great way is to find a creator who already engages that audience and approach them to exchange your audiences.

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TODAY's QUESTION: How do you get to know your audience and what's the benefit?