One of my favorite things about online video is how quickly it evolves, changes, and matures. We've mentioned Aim High a few times recently, the web series from McG that has dabbled in using viewers' photos and details from their Facebook accounts within the show itself. Well "Take This Lollipop" is a slightly-more advanced, horror take on a similar theme.

Take This Lollipop... If You Dare

The Take This Lollipop experience begins at, which looks like this:

Take This Lollipop, Interactive & Personalized Video Will Creep You Out take this lollipop 606x392

To truly experience Take This Lollipop, you'll need to sign into your Facebook account and grant access. And that's exactly the way the film creeps you out. Because there's a stalker in the video... and granting Facebook access to Take This Lollipop personalizes the creepy stalker-ness by having that character stalk you, the viewer.

Here's an example of what it looks like, just in case you're not interested in becoming part of the story yourself:

You can see how that might add another layer of creepiness once the pictures are of you and the Google map is to your location.

This is pretty good timing for Halloween, as people are already primed to be on the lookout for fun and scary videos to send their friends. I don't know much about how the technology works on their end, but the concept is simple enough--let the viewer truly immerse themselves in the story by becoming part of the story.

This kind of think gets me pretty excited, because it opens up a whole world of possibilities for the future of interactive and personalized video content.

  • Ellie Smyth

    what happens at the end of the countdown people! I'm waitin 4 yer man 2 show up at my door! =O x

  • Leanne Lacey-byrne

    SCARY! I was freaked out..

  • Shauna Duffy

    how to I start this?:L.

  • Jaksyn Gray

    Osha pure crapped maself!

  • Jamil Porta

    Make sure you disallow the app, because they now have full access to all your information...

    • Douglas Burdon-Jones

      Jamon Brewer You're not really Jamon Brewer at all are you...?

    • Bobbi Cannon

      how do i dissallow the app??

    • Ryann Stacy

      Bobbi Cannon: just don't click "Allow" before you enter the app. I don't think you can disallow it after you've already clicked allow.

    • Douglas Burdon-Jones

      Bobbi Cannon Go to privacy settings or account settings or somefin, then it has the app stuff. You click on that and just delete the app. It's fairly easy to work out.

  • Janet Doe

    what happens after the countdown?

  • Telishah Curd

    Sooo creepy!

  • Louise McInerney


    • Edel Chaney

      So freaked out! OMG!! Going to start crying! :(

  • Diego Alejandro Nunez Estrada

    A friend showed it to me O_O

  • Pamela Bradshaw

    Very creepy knowing there are people like that. Makes you think about your privacy settings and password.

  • Jose A Sanchez

    this is the best thing ,, well done.

  • Aaron Farr

    EPIC win! I threw up in my mouth a little bit... HAHA

  • Angie Broadhead

    so funny

  • Kitty Svetlana Arsenic

    XD I love it.

  • Ryann Stacy

    My friend and roommate were screaming SO loud when they watched it.
    It freaked me out because I have EVERYTHING except my profile picture and name blocked, but because I clicked "Allow Access" it got everything! Luckily I almost never click "Allow "Access." Whoever created this is clever.

  • Madeline Bait

    how do ya do it.

  • Ian White Nyc

    Wicked SEO! Searched earlier and got different results.

  • Kim Morrison

    Such a good idea, makes you double check your settings on facebook!

  • Naomi Griffiths

    I don't get how you do it :S haha.

  • Christine Gullage

    This is fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

    • Jeremy Scott

      You're welcome. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • Rick Frayne

    yeah , so doesn't everybody have my picture on their dashboard?

  • Lauren Alice Mallinson

    thts f**king scarey cant believe my pal showed me this... xx

  • Steve Marquis

    It wont work.

  • Laura Murphy

    Pretty cool and slightly creepy. Not as scary as I thought it was going to be, but well done!