In this week's Reel Web, we discuss several exciting online video-related news items from the past week including; multiple updates at YouTube, new online video stats for July that show record online video viewing, the Huffington Post's launch of their daily "HuffPost Live" streaming show, secrets of success from top YouTubers, and much, much more.

Lessons from HuffPost Live Streaming Show

As we’ve discussed before, Huffington Post’s is planning to live stream 12 hours a day, every weekday about the news and current events.  It’s not without some of the glitches and bugs which are expected in the first week when doing this type of epic project.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you should for a little bit.  It’s has both interaction and engagement…This is the key!   They’re pulling people in from Skype and from Google+ Hangouts and talking about what’s happening.  Whether you’re live streaming, just doing this for fun, or doing it as a hobby, they’ve shown how you need to make your videos pull people in and interact with what they’re watching.

YouTube Updates, Announcements, Etc...

Tags Removed from YouTube's Video Watch Pages

Recently, they removed tags from the Watch Page on all the videos on YouTube.  Why?  Well, they removed it because the truth is that the average person on YouTube doesn't care.  They don’t look at tags.  They’re still very important, so if you’re a creator make sure you still use the tags the same way you always did.  If you really need know what someone’s tags are, you can right click anywhere on the page on the video, go to “view source,” and you’ll find them in the Meta data there.  They’re just not available on the front end to the average user anymore.   Most people don’t browse videos on YouTube by clicking on the tags.

European YouTube Next Up Contest

European YouTube creators are going to be very excited about the fact that YouTube is now opening up another round of YouTube Next Up.  Next Up has been very successful in the past for finding and launching YouTubers from being just hobbyists to having full-time careers on YouTube.  If you have at least 5,000 subscribers and want to be a part of this competition, you’ll find a link below and you can find more details there.  If you’re selected as one of the winners you get a lot of cool stuff including an all expenses paid trip to London to visit the YouTube Headquarters.  There you’ll get a lot of one-on-one training and access to a really state of the art facility to make your videos.

New YouTube App for Play Station 3

If you’re a PlayStation 3 fan and you don’t have an Xbox 360, you may have been envious of all the YouTube goodness we’ve been experiencing on the Xbox.  Finally, you get your turn.  A new YouTube app has come to PlayStation 3 and includes a lot of the cool things.   It includes your subscriptions, search videos, using your phone as a remote, as well as browse and using YouTube on your TV through your console, which is a very pleasant experience.   If you have a Play Station 3, you should check out this app.

YouTube Releases Video Scheduling Feature for Monetized Users

Another feature that YouTube just rolled out is the ability for everyone who monetizes their videos on YouTube to be able to schedule their videos to be published at a date sometime in the future.  This has been available for full partners for a while now, but now it is being rolled out to everyone.  This is just another step in the right direction to make a level playing field for all people on YouTube.  Having the feature to be able to schedule and publish videos to go live at a certain date in the future, makes your schedule so much more flexible and easier.  You don’t have to wait until a certain time to click publish, and then have to quickly do all the annotations, a thumbnail, and description tag before it was finished uploading and goes live.

Web Show, “What’s Trending,” Goes Daily

If you've been developing content for YouTube for any length of time, you've definitely heard of Shira Lazar and her, “What’s Trending” show and The Partners Project.  Her “What’s Trending” show, which has typically been a weekly live show, is now moving to be a daily live show.  It’s no longer just going to be about what’s trending in online Social Media in general, but it’s going to be focused specifically on YouTube.  There are a lot of people who are doing incredible things on YouTube.  YouTube, as most of us know, struggles at having a really solid discovery platform where really good stuff stands out and people get to get noticed or discovered.  They’re trying to pick out the best of the best from YouTube and just helping those to rise to the surface

Video Basics & Secrets from YouTube's Brightest Stars

There are some lessons to be learned from some of the best YouTubers out there.  For example, from Ray William Johnson, we learned that you’ve got to find content that’s worth sharing and give them your own original perspective and angle on it which they can’t get from anywhere else.  From Jenna Marbles, how authenticity has really built her presence and community on YouTube and a whole bunch of other things.  Check out the link for some information from the top YouTubers .  Then adopt and modify for yourself.

Record Online Video Viewing Numbers in July

Online video is growing very rapidly and ComScore’s new data just came out from last month about the viewing habits in July.  Apparently we broke another record.  Although online video viewing is typically lower in the summer while families are on vacation and out of school, we still saw 184 million viewers of online video for July.  That accounts for about 36.9 billion videos watched, and for 22.2 average hours per viewer.   This should encourage those of you who have seen your views plateau to keep plugging, because the industry is still growing.  There is plenty of space for everyone to have their content seen, loved, shared, and appreciated by the viewers.

Advertising Headlines that Make You Rich

It is important if you’re on YouTube to craft good titles.  There’s an example on that link of a video that would have never gone viral if it didn’t have the title that it has.  This title can make your video.  People click it because of the title, they watch it, and they share it.  If the example would have had another title, wouldn’t have worked.  The title sets the context for the whole video.

QUESTION: What do you think of the new PS3 YouTube app? And how do you keep your audience engaged?