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Opera Sings for Widget TV Revolution

Opera Sings for Widget TV Revolution

The TV widgets, or is it Widget TV? I like Widget TV, after all, we've got Google TV and Apple TV so why not Widget TV. Plus, it's just fun to say widget. Widgety widgety widgety whack! Alright, let's get to it.

Cisco Buying ExtendMedia, Three Screen Content Platform + Networking

Cisco Buying ExtendMedia, Three Screen Content Platform + Networking

Cisco knows the future of the Internet. They should, they build a lot of its infrastructure with super fast networking appliances. So it should be no surprise that they know the future of the Internet is video and are making moves to be there in …

Google + Intel = Smart TVs Coming Soon!

There are rumblings afoot that Google and Intel are set to announce a new joint project in the Web TV arena. It's said to be a "Smart TV" platform according to the Financial Times. The two technology mammoths are set to sign on with a third, …

Brightcove Reaches Home Audience Via Internet-connected TV

Brightcove is expanding their reach to the couch thanks to newly announced tools that will enable customers to create immersive, branded video experiences for Internet-connected television sets and other Internet-connected consumer electronics powered by the Yahoo! Widget Engine.

Online Video Tops All But Facebook In Social Media Marketing Usage

Yes, that's a bold statement, but it's according to new findings be Equation Research in their 2009 Marketing Industry Trends report which was just recently released. Online video laid some smack down on most other forms of social media marketing in regards to usage. Want …

Google Developing More Dynamic Video Ads With Rockabox

Rummaging around the old Internet I found out that Google is teaming up with Tangozebra founder James booth to boost viewer engagement with video ads. His new company is called Rockabox and it's helping Google's DoubleClick to create what's called Rockabox Shutters format.

Web Video Marketing – 10 Common Web Video Marketing Mistakes

Web Video Marketing   10 Common Web Video Marketing Mistakes

This week there was a good post by Michael Kolowich of ChannelOne Marketing titled, "Ten Ways Marketers Drop the Ball in Video Marketing."  Michael offers some advice as far as what not to do upon deploying a web video marketing project.  I thought it would be a …

Overlay.TV Launches Interactive Online Video Karaoke Widget for International Music Artist

New Video Karaoke widget combines professional video and fan-generated content Ottawa, Canada (PRWEB) December 4 2008 — Jonas Brothers, the internationally acclaimed platinum recording artists that first climbed to the top of the charts in 2007, have found a new way to connect with their …

Online Video Widgets – ClipBlast Partners With Clearspring

ClipBlast!, the premier Web-wide video navigation and distribution platform, today announced its partnership with Clearspring Technologies (www.clearspring.com) to distribute and track video widgets. ClipBlast! will use the Clearspring platform to distribute widgets that provide custom video content, channels and playlists. The widgets will feature the …

Video Widget Tips – Interview With Avenue A | Razorfish’s Jeremy Lockhorn

http://www.reelseo.com/video-widget-tips/ Interview with Jeremy Lockhorn, Director of Emerging Media and Video Innovation Avenue A | Razorfish. Jeremy explains how video widgets are being used in business applications, and tips for companies looking to get involved in either developing or marketing video widgets.

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