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Video Email Marketing Advances With HTML5 Video

These days, it's not just web video publishers who are marching to the HTML5 drumbeat.  Email marketers want in on the game, too.  We've covered email video marketing in the past, but the advance of HTML5 video has again caused marketers to focus on possible email …

The WebM VP8 BandWagon Rolls On – Who’s In and Who’s Not

Google announced the would open VP8 up as WebM, an open source video codec in a Matroska package with Ogg Vorbis as the audio encoder. So I thought it would be good to have a news round up of who's in, who's out and what …

The Death of H.264 In HTML5? Google Opens WebM and VP8

The Death of H.264 In HTML5? Google Opens WebM and VP8

Google met our expectations today and announced that it's On2 Technologies VP8 video codec is now open source. It's supposed to outperform Ogg Theora and will be completely patent-free.

The “Reel” Deal With HTML5 Video – Not Quite There Yet

The Reel Deal With HTML5 Video   Not Quite There Yet

Online video is an exciting field to work in. As creator of the JW Player, I'm privileged to be at the forefront of the industry. Every week, our team receives thousands of emails from web developers regarding various bug reports, product feature requests and general …

Open Source and Proprietary Internet Video Codecs

Internet video broadcasting is rapidly becoming the medium of choice for delivery of video entertainment and news. There are no geographic limitations or technical licensing requirements for broadcasting on the Internet, which allows any individual to produce and distribute multimedia to a global audience. Content …

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