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Warner is a town in Merrimack County, New Hampshire, United States. The population was 2,833 at the 2010 census. The town is home to The College of Saint Mary Magdalen, Rollins State Park and Mount Kearsarge State Forest.
The town’s central settlement, where 444 people resided at the 2010 census, is defined as the Warner census-designated place (CDP), and is located along New Hampshire Route 103 and the Warner River. The town also includes the villages of Davisville and Waterloo.<...

Hollywood Goes Ultraviolet With New Video Content Delivery Technology - CES 2011

Hollywood Goes Ultraviolet With New Video Content Delivery Technology   CES 2011

While there have been some rumblings about Ultraviolet in recent months, it only just now got it's official kick-off announcement at the CES 2011 show.  Ultraviolet is a digital video content storage and distribution solution that will allow consumers to store digital movies and television ...

Giving Users Brand Choice Is Key To Video Ad Success On Short Form

 Giving Users Brand Choice Is Key To Video Ad Success On Short Form

The Pool, a unique research initiative made of people from Publicis Groupe, publishers and advertisers, aimed to identify optimal ad models across emerging media platforms recently put out some new research that says giving consumers the ability to select the ads they see is vital ...

The Sunday News Reel - The Week in Review 12-18 Sept. 2010

The Sunday News Reel   The Week in Review 12 18 Sept. 2010

We know, you're all busy and don't have time to catch everything that was important this week. So we are going to bring you a weekly news round up. Of course being ReelSEO we have to put a Reel in the title. I thought up ...

Online Video Impacts Top 50 Web Properties During June 2010

comScore has released the monthly report on who does what, where on the web, commonly referred to as the comScore Media Metrix. The report, as usual, looks at top web properties, ad networks and the changes in the traffic on those properties.

Location-Based Mobile Services Ink Deals With Video Providers

Networks and media companies are inking deals left and right for location-based services like MyTown, FourSquare and GoWalla. Travel Channel has already found early success with its MyTown application to the tune of 17 million check-ins in one month, while FourSquare has struck partnerships with ...

Brightcove Lands EMI In Exclusive Video Distribution Deal

Today Brightcove has announced that they have formalized a content agreement with EMI Music to be the premier provider of online video distribution services for the entire corporation.  That adds EMI to the list of major labels already partnering with Brightcove, including Sony, Universal, and ...

YouTube Sells Out Home Page, Profitibility On Horizon?

The YouTube profitability watch continues and they have helped fuel the rumors themselves stating that the home page on the site was sold out in Q4 2009. I wonder if they have a waiting list for that?

The Long Tail of Video Viewing Shows The Underdogs On Top

Everyone talks about YouTube, heck, even we talk about them in various forms and for various reasons. They're the 800lb gorilla, only we all talk about it all the time. Well this time round I'm not (yes, I know I just did). I'm going to ...

Vevo - It's Kind of Like Hulu for Music Videos - Kind Of

The New York Times wrote today about how three of the largest music labels in the U.S. are joining forces on a new video site called Vevo.  Vevo, from Sony, EMI, and Universal, (they are still wooing Warner Music, apparently) will feature artists' music videos ...

Warner Music Close To Deal With YouTube for Music Videos

Warner Music Group and YouTube are said to be close to a deal to bring music videos from Warner's artists back to the video sharing site.  You may remember that Warner pulled their artists' videos in December of 2008 over a licensing rights dispute.

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