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Vizu is a San Francisco based company that employs polling technology to power consumer and business applications.

The Vizu website is a consumer destination with an interactive polling community that encourages users to create and place opinion polls on personal blogs and websites by using their free polling web widget.

The Vizu Answers website is a business destination that combines enhanced polling technology with a network of websites, allowing anyone to conduct market res...

Native Video Ads Outperform Pre-Roll Ads [Study]

Native Video Ads Outperform Pre Roll Ads [Study]

That pre-roll ad is not helping your brand, according to a new study by Sharethrough and Nielsen. Native ads, ads that conform to the publisher’s page and seamlessly blend with the rest of the content and the overall look of the page.

The Social Video Blueprint, Part 3: It’s About Views, Not Impressions

The Social Video Blueprint, Part 3: Its About Views, Not Impressions

In last week's Part 2 of our Social Video Blueprint series, we talked about how brands are shifting away from traditional video advertising toward creating their own, original entertainment video content as a means of boosting brand-lift and audience engagement. This week, we dive deeper …

HoodieBuddie Launches with Only Online Video Ads, and Succeeds!

HoodieBuddie Launches with Only Online Video Ads, and Succeeds!

This is an interesting and strange group that came together on a recent case study. YuMe, ScanScout and BBE (recently purchased by Specific Media) combined their online video ad reach to help launch a new product. The product, HoodieBuddie, is being marketed only using in-stream …

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