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Visible Measures specializes in measuring the consumption and distribution of Internet video. Designed from the ground up to meet the unique needs of video publishers and advertisers, Visible Measures’ patent-pending measurement approach captures every video interaction by every viewer in every video, from play to pause to rewind to forward-to-a-friend and more. This provides organizations with unprecedented visibility into their online video audiences and how they engage with content a...

Branded Video Measurement Evolves With Share of Choice

Branded Video Measurement Evolves With Share of Choice

It's the New Media Minute from Napa Valley edition! Get the latest on new online video measurement tools for marketers and agencies, all while watching lush vineyards in the afternoon sun as the backdrop. This episode includes the latest news on how brands can benchmark ...

Good Campaign Planning Drove Apple's Social Video Success

Good Campaign Planning Drove Apples Social Video Success

Many people believe that the iPhone is what made Apple a social media mogul. But that turns out not to be the case according to Visible Measures, whose new Share of Choice Report shows how the iPad changed the social video playing field for mobile ...

What Is Social Video Marketing? The Social Video Experts Weigh In

What Is Social Video Marketing? The Social Video Experts Weigh In

With the heavy convergence of social and video, and video with online marketing, have we now reached a point where a new definition that combines all three? Is social video marketing just about creating videos for social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, or is it much more than just that? We put together a special panel of video experts, along with our own ReelSEO staff, where we all take a crack at giving our own definition.

New Video Ad Format To Turn The Tide for Video Advertising $$

New Video Ad Format To Turn The Tide for Video Advertising $$

One of the biggest challenges in the online video ad business to date has been a lack of standards for ad formats. That may change though because a far-reaching industry coalition called Rising Tide Coop is rolling out one of the first industry-wide ad formats ...

Data Drives Dollars In Online Video - Media Minute

Media agencies and brands are hungry for data -- they want better data that they can use to target their potential customers. That's why this week's New Media Minute takes a detailed look at a data-driven deal and a new research tool and explains why ...

Adobe Gets Serious With Open Source – Opens Up That MF

Adobe has started to take open source video serious and now has the open source media framework (osmf, strobe). Read about Adobe opens up flash media player framework

Wistia Embedded Video Metrics – The Video Solution for SMBs?

I review the video sharing application and project management service, Wistia, and talk with CEO Chris Savage on how they are positioning themselves as an affordable top-tier business solution for the SMB crowd.

Digital Agencies and Client Challenges With Video – CIMA Recap

I recently covered the Chicago Interactive Marketing Associations' panel discussion – Creative, Technology, Media, and Analytics. The panelists of senior industry leaders debated on how creative, technology, media & analytics are converging more in interactive video marketing; and how agencies can overcome the limitations of ...

Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sharing Sites

Upload Videos To Multiple Video Sharing Sites

So, you've got some videos made and you want to get them out there as fast and efficiently as possible. That means you probably want some tools to upload them to multiple video sites automatically right? Right! Here's some of the coolest tools we found ...

The Brightcove Alliance Launches With More Than 90 Partners

Brightcove Inc. today announced the formation of the Brightcove Alliance, a global ecosystem of leading technology and distribution partners who have integrated with the Brightcove online video platform, as well as solution providers building customer websites and video applications using Brightcove. Through the Brightcove Alliance, ...

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