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Leverage the Power of Video and Sell B2B with Vidyard and Salesforce

Video marketing platform Vidyard have teamed up with Salesforce to enable brands to leverage video content for the B2B market. Their new tool allows businesses to see who watched what, for how long and from which location. That's a lot of very useful data for any sales team.

ComScore Releases July 2013 Online Video Rankings

ComScore's released their July 2013 Online Video Rankings. Not much changed from last month, ads continue to be strong, and Google Sites (aka YouTube) rule the online video world, as usual. There was a total overall increase in views but this online video machine is just humming along.

Comscore Releases U.S. Online Video Rankings for February 2013

ComScore has announced their February 2013 U.S. rankings, and while a couple of areas saw all-time highs, in a few categories, some of the lowest numbers we've seen in awhile popped up last month. Some of it can be attributed to the shorter month, some cannot.