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Video on Demand (VOD) or Audio and Video on Demand (AVOD) are systems which allow users to select and watch/listen to video or audio content on demand. IPTV technology is often used to bring video on demand to televisions and personal computers.
Television VOD systems either stream content through a set-top box, a computer or other device, allowing viewing in real time, or download it to a device such as a computer, digital video recorder (also called a personal video recorder) or porta...

Disney Set for Premium Movies With Video-on-Demand

Disney Set for Premium Movies With Video on Demand

Some time back I talked about Disney's upcoming movie site. Now according to the latest investor conference, they're planning on taking it a step further and are ready to roll on widespread testing. The original site looked like it was aimed at giving you cloud-based ...

DVD Sales Down, Digital Delivery Growing

DVD Sales Down, Digital Delivery Growing

I just read some interesting stuff from the Digital Entertainment Group. It seems that DVD sales are dropping fast, perhaps going the way of the 8-track soon  as digital delivery and Blu-Ray are gaining in consumer confidence and adoption. That means, all your online video ...

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