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Learn all about using video in email. Video email marketing, HTML5 video email, how to create video email animated gifs, etc… Marketers are integrating video email marketing into their email marketing campaigns so learn what you can about video email.


Social Video Marketing Exercises & Tips From A Personal Trainer

Social Video Marketing Exercises & Tips From A Personal Trainer

I interviewed Mandy Swift, a self-dubbed "online marketing personal trainer" about the benefits of developing a fitness plan for one's online marketing and social video activities that helps build business success, professional growth, and overall personal health and well-being.

Microsoft’s Hotmail First Major Web Mail Client to Support HTML5 Video in Email

Microsofts Hotmail First Major Web Mail Client to Support HTML5 Video in Email

We are happy to be the first to report that Microsoft now appears to be supporting HTML5 video emails in their Hotmail web client (provided what we're seeing isn't part of some beta test). The Hotmail web mail client displays HTML5 video in Chrome, Firefox, …

Video Email Marketing Best Practices for E-Commerce – Video Email?

Video Email Marketing Best Practices for E Commerce   Video Email?

Grant Crowell covers the panel, “Integrating Video into Your Email Marketing Strategy,” at the 2010 Video Commerce Summit in Seattle, sponsored by Liveclicker. Learn from the industry experts on best practices for doing video in email marketing and integration of video into retail e-mails, and I tackle the big question: Is video in most email marketing programs really “video?”

Video Email Marketing Advances With HTML5 Video

These days, it's not just web video publishers who are marching to the HTML5 drumbeat.  Email marketers want in on the game, too.  We've covered email video marketing in the past, but the advance of HTML5 video has again caused marketers to focus on possible email …

Small and Medium Businesses To Embrace Video Email Marketing

So yesterday I wrote this totally awesome article about this. Unfortunately, WordPress did an eat and delete on it. So now you're stuck with this far less witty and entertaining, yet still as informative, rewrite. My apologies…send hate to WordPress please.

ImageMind Does VOD Email Marketing

Video on Demand is all the rage. So using it to market your company is a great idea. Sending massive video attachments is not. That's where ImageMind comes in.

Create Animated Video Gifs for YouTube Videos

Create Animated Video Gifs for YouTube Videos

If you have ever wanted to include a YouTube video in an email (not Gmail – as it supports YouTube videos), you know that at this point in time, videos are next to impossible to email.  That being said, there is a neat tool available …

Online Video Tops All But Facebook In Social Media Marketing Usage

Yes, that's a bold statement, but it's according to new findings be Equation Research in their 2009 Marketing Industry Trends report which was just recently released. Online video laid some smack down on most other forms of social media marketing in regards to usage. Want …

Free Webinar: Web Video and Email Marketing

For years, email marketers were told it was impossible to include video in their outbound email campaigns. Those who tried often encountered ISP delivery blocks or rendering issues as ISP email administrators began clamping down on Javascript and Flash in email due to potential security …

Viral Video – Is It The Video You’re Searching For?

The words 'viral video' have become synonymous, mostly incorrectly, with increasing brand awareness, online marketing and online video advertising. Yes, viral video can do all of that, but there might be a better way for you and your company to get the word out instead …

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