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5 Tips for Using Online Video To Market Your Small Business

For small businesses, getting noticed online is a challenge, particularly when competing with big brands with large marketing departments and seemingly endless marketing budgets. But more and more local companies are finding success cutting through the clutter with online video. Statistics show that video improves ...

Reel Video SEO Strategies and Video SEO Best Practices Webinar

Reel Video SEO Strategies and Video SEO Best Practices Webinar

Last week, I participated in a webinar (produced by Ooyala) all about Video SEO titled, "Reel" Video SEO Strategies & Best Practices." I promised both those who attended as well as those who were unable to attend that I would provide my slides from the ...

The Long Tail of Video Viewing Shows The Underdogs On Top

Everyone talks about YouTube, heck, even we talk about them in various forms and for various reasons. They're the 800lb gorilla, only we all talk about it all the time. Well this time round I'm not (yes, I know I just did). I'm going to ...

"Reel" Video SEO Strategies and Best Practices - Free Webinar

As you all know, having videos that rank well within search engines is pretty cool and currently, at least with regard to the worlds largest search engine (Google), it is far easier to obtain a first page ranking with video thanks to Universal search.

Web Video Hosting Platforms Comparison Tool - VidCompare

I know that many of our readers are fans of using YouTube as a video hosting platform.  While I completely agree that almost everyone should leverage YouTube itself for its massive audience, and while there are clearly some benefits to using YouTube, (mainly - it ...

New Google Search UI Feels More Like Bing Than Google

Everyone has a bad day.  It's possible for even the most successful companies or individuals to miss the mark.  Someday, Pixar will make a movie that is merely average instead of great.  Some time in the future we might see Lebron James brick a ton ...

Brightcove Reaches Home Audience Via Internet-connected TV

Brightcove is expanding their reach to the couch thanks to newly announced tools that will enable customers to create immersive, branded video experiences for Internet-connected television sets and other Internet-connected consumer electronics powered by the Yahoo! Widget Engine.

Optimizing Video Thumbnails for Google Universal Search

Optimizing Video Thumbnails for Google Universal Search

ReelSEO's Grant Crowell shows how to optimize image thumbnails for your video content, as they appear in Google's blended search results.

Google About To Roll Out Caffeine - How Will It Affect Video Results?

Google is getting ready to roll out their new Caffeine index to the entire world.  You might remember this past summer, when we told you about Caffeine being tested. The word is that the new "way of indexing the web" will be unleashed sometime soon ...

Top 9 Lessons Learned From 2009’s Viral Video Successes

I've picked out some of my favorite viral success stories of 2009, and I'll tell you why I like them and why I think they succeeded—call it my list of the Best Lessons Learned From 2009's Viral Success Stories. There is obviously no guaranteed path to viral success, but following even a few of these 9 rules will definitely get you a great head start.

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