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Transcription is the process of creating a complementary RNA copy of a sequence of DNA. Both RNA and DNA are nucleic acids, which use base pairs of nucleotides as a complementary language that can be converted back and forth from DNA to RNA by the action of the correct enzymes. During transcription, a DNA sequence is read by an RNA polymerase, which produces a complementary, antiparallel RNA strand. As opposed to DNA replication, transcription results in an RNA complement that includes uracil...

Should Closed-Captioning of Web Video Be Mandated By Government?

Should Closed Captioning of Web Video Be Mandated By Government?

Grant Crowell interviews Josh Miller of 3PlayMedia, to talk about Congress’ recent passing of two bills that will mandate closed-captioning of television programming over to the Internet. We discuss the questions: Will other “professional” online video programs be next? And, is legislation necessary, or will organizations determine that transcription and captioning of video content has a worthwhile ROI regardless of any mandate?

In-Depth Look At YouTube Closed Captions – YouTube SEO and More

In Depth Look At YouTube Closed Captions   YouTube SEO and More

A few weeks back, I mentioned that YouTube and Google were indexing YouTube's closed captions and subtitles. In fact, YES – both Google and YouTube ARE indexing videos for text that is contained within closed captions and subtitles. In this post, I would like show …

YouTube Enables Auto-Captioning for All Videos – As Expected

YouTube, the leading destination for video sharing online, has announced today that they are rolling out their Auto-Captioning service on all videos.  In a press conference at their San Bruno campus, their Director of Product Management, Hunter Walk, gave a walkthrough of the technology for …

Transcribing Videos By Hand Vs. Automated Transcription Tools

Transcribing Videos By Hand Vs. Automated Transcription Tools

In this video, our friend Dave Dugdale compares the time it took him to transcribe a typical three minute video by hand verses using an automatic transcription service. As you likely know, automated transcription services use speech-to-text recognition technologies that at this point, are no …

11 Predictions for The Online Video Industry In 2010

Everyone is giving their predictions for the Internet marketing and online video space in 2010 and I thought I'd better jump on the bandwagon with my 2 cents…  Granted, I certainly have some more insightful predictions that I could provide but I figured it's New …

EveryZing Moves To RAMP Focus On Content Optimization

Yesterday, EveryZing, a company that we have profiled in the past, has re-branded themselves as They made a name for themselves by helping companies optimize their video content for search discovery through speech to text recognition technology and they are now moving beyond video

Tools for YouTube Closed Captions, Subtitles and Translations

Web-Based Tools for YouTube Captions DotSub- Any video any language is the motto of this place. No fee, video subtitling site and service in a 'wiki' style. You can view, upload, transcribe and translate all right through the site. CaptionTube – Gives the ability to …

Video Intelligence – What Do Businesses Really Need?

I interview online video platform provider Veeple's CEO Scott Broomfield about his argument that businesses today need "video intelligence" – interactivity and engagement features directly within the video to make it intelligent enough for its audiences' needs and for business goals. 

Video SEO Tips From Aaron Wall of SEOBook

Video SEO Tips From Aaron Wall of SEOBook

This is an interview with Aaron Wall, founder of at Search Engine Strategies San Jose 2009. We spoke to Aaron about SEO Book as well as his use of videos to promote the site. Aaron provides some basic tips for Video SEO

blinkx Launches Automated Video Metadata Enrichment Service for Publishers

blinkx, the world's largest video search engine, today announced the availability of an Enhanced Metadata Enrichment solution for publishers, as part of the blinkx Advanced Media Platform. Based on technology that was perfected over 12 years at Cambridge University and is protected by 111 patents, …

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