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HTML5′s Dark Horse Video Codec, ON2 VP8 From Google

While Google didn't make the VP8 video codec, they did purchase it recently and now, they're announcing [allegedly] that it will be Open Source. What's this mean for HTML 5? It might finally have found a winner of the codec race and a savior, in …

Distribute Video Everywhere With TubeMogul Destinations

Distribute Video Everywhere With TubeMogul Destinations

Today, Tubemogul launched a huge enhancement to their OneLoad video distribution and measurement product and they are calling it "Destinations."  What is it? Basically, it's the be-all-end-all of video uploading and distribution systems, basically from anywhere, to anywhere according to Tubemogul.

YouTube Finds Profitability Via New Textp Encoding?

You all know 720p, 1080p well now YouTube is trying to save money by utilizing Textp which saves them $1 a second when you watch videos in that mode by streaming text instead of costly images.  It's easy to do and looks really cool. This …

Brightcove Embraces HTML5, Passes On Theora Support

Brightcove recently announced that they're on the HTML 5 bandwagon (yah team!) and that they're now offering  HTML5 compatibility for their clients. They call HTML5 implementation cost-prohibitive which makes me wonder just how much work it would be to implement it. I think I smell …

A Baker’s Dozen List of “HTML5″ Video Encoding Tools

A Bakers Dozen List of HTML5 Video Encoding Tools

These aren't really HTML5 video encoders but they do support the two currently competing encoding/compression formats – H.264 MP4 and Ogg Theora. With that in mind it means you could use them to encode your video to formats that work with the HTML 5 video …

Protected: Easy Web Video Marketing Software and Service Overview

Easy Web Video Marketing Software and Service Overview

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

End Your Video Encoding Blues With offers, get this, web-based, on-demand, video encoding. Nope, no joke. They will grab your video encode it and then send it back to you. Sign up is free and you can even do a test run but after that, you'll have to pay

Bits On The Run Restructures OVP Pricing

Stating in August the online video management service will implement a new pay-as-you-go form of pricing. This is the first overhaul of their pricing since their inception. Find out all the details within (it's a bit confusing).

On Video Cloud 9 – Video and Cloud-based Computing

Video can sometimes require a large amount of resources. So it's no wonder that with the ever-increasing popularity of cloud-based computing that someone realized it might be a good way to go with online video. This past week, FierceOnlineVideo published a good post that looks …

Choosing A Professional Online Video Content Platform

Do you need to publish, syndicate, archive, monitor, and monetize large amounts of Internet video content? Do you also need it to come with in its own easy-to-navigate interface, and have it integrate with your existing programs on your website? Most likely you will need …

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