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Viral Video Nostradamus – Star Wars, Prom Dresses and Golf Gods

This is the second installment in a series of posts where I try and predict what videos might soon go viral—a sort of companion piece to the weekly Viral Round Up, where we reverse-engineer viral success stories to see what made them work.  You can …

Obama Administration’s YouTube Contest Stumbles Out The Gate

Saying that you're hip doesn't necessarily make it true. The federal government's web directory, USA.gov, is hoping kids and teens are the key to growth and success.  So they're doing what any brand hoping to leverage that demographic would do:  they're holding a YouTube contest.

Video Vs Social Media, OR Why I Don’t Trust The Pew Study

You know, if I'm not careful, I'm going to rapidly turn into The Blogger Who Only Talks About Nalts.  Of course, if he'd stop writing so many insightful articles related to the online video space, then maybe I'd be forced to go out and find …

2009 Online Video Backlash? I Doubt It!

Some sites have been predicting that 2009 may be the bubble busting time for online video. Like the dot com era that came crashing to a halt they believe that online video too will burst and collapse in upon itself. Personally, I call bullshit.

Online Video Is Larger Than Blogging or Social Networking?

With the recent release of statistics that show only about 1% of video consumption is online or mobile, can online video really be larger than blogging or the social networks? According to new information from Trendstream (remember, the guy who said "broadcast mode is dead”) …

Waching Internet Video and Watching TV At Home Are Complementary Activities

US media research company Nielsen's new TV/Internet Convergence Panel, which electronically measures both television and Internet usage in the same homes, has found that television viewing and online video streaming are complementary activities.

KoldCast TV Sponsors Controversial Web Video Series

With 17 successful episodes under their belt, the controversial break-out web series, Midwest Teen Sex Show (MTSS), has landed its first major sponsor with KoldCast TV.  The series, which has been airing on-demand on several video web sites and on KoldCast TV since its Beta …

Kids and Teens Consume Most Online Video Content

Nielsen Online, a service of The Nielsen Company, today announced that per person, kids consumed more streams than those over 18, and spent more time watching online video from home in April (see Table 1). Kids 2-11 viewed an average of 51 streams and 118 …

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