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Video E-Commerce and Video SEO for Retailers: The EMarketer Interview

ReelSEO's Grant Crowell interviews senior eMarketer analyst Jeffrey Grau, author of the recently report, Video E-Commerce, Innovative Models Drive Sales. Jeffrey shares with Grant on how Video SEO also plays a big factor in driving e-commerce for retailers, and the importance to understanding key variables before deciding on a video e-commerce, or “vee-commerce” strategy of one's own.

Video Advertising Is The Fastest Growing Ad Format Online

Video Advertising Is The Fastest Growing Ad Format Online

Video advertising is the fastest growing advertising format online, so says a new survey from BrightRoll—one of the largest online video advertising networks.  The pace of growth for online video ad spending is expected to remain around 40% for 2010—the same rate of growth as ...

ComScore Says You're Ready for More Ads On Your Video Content

ComScore, generally regarded as the most accurate web metrics firm (or at least the most trusted), has released the findings of a new study that are kind of surprising.

Small and Medium Businesses To Embrace Video Email Marketing

So yesterday I wrote this totally awesome article about this. Unfortunately, WordPress did an eat and delete on it. So now you're stuck with this far less witty and entertaining, yet still as informative, rewrite. My apologies...send hate to WordPress please.

1 In 4 SMBs To Spend More for Online Video In 2010

Yes, more than 25% of small businesses are planning on some sort of spending for online video next year according to a report just released by Ad-ology Research. That sure sounds like more than just a fad or an emerging market.  It's also 75% more ...

Predictions With Local Online Video Marketing - Interview With Topix

I interviewed Chris Tolles, CEO of the online news portal Topix, on his predictions for how video will mature into the local landscape, and its impact for audiences and businesses.

CIMA Survey – Video and Search Receive Highest Results

I interview the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association's (CIMA) partner analyst Troy Mastin about their newly-released 7th Semiannual Interactive Marketing Survey, and we discussed what the findings say about the emphasis that agencies are giving to online video and search marketing for business.

Video Marketing Tops Search Marketing As A #1 Priority for Brands and Agencies In 2010?

TurnHere just released some findings from a survey that they conducted in Q3 with brands and marketing agencies from a wide range of industries.  The purpose of the research study was to explore current and future trends in the use of online video amongst marketers ...

The Relationship Between Social Media and Search

Comscore, in conjunction with social media agency m80, has released the findings of a new study on the relationship between search and social media.  The results are pretty interesting. Actually, the results, as presented by Comscore, read a bit like a copy of War & ...

Video Drives Search – Magical Convergence for Brand Marketers

I interviewed Geoff Ramsey, CEO an co-Founder of the Internet research firm eMarketer to ask his opinion: what has been the effect of video on the search experience and search marketing? Usually you don't expect someone the head of an major research and analytics firm ...

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