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AOL Continues Video Expansion with 5Min Purchase?

AOL Continues Video Expansion with 5Min Purchase?

Rumors today state that AOL will buy (which I recently used for a weekender). This after they just penned a deal with Google for search and more intense video cooperation. Oh and they brought out Cambio earlier in the year.

AOL Snatches Up Online Video Provider StudioNow for $36.5M

AOL has purchased video production company StudioNow Inc for $36.5 million. We wrote about StudioNow back in the Fall of 2008, when they had just signed a deal to develop videos for CitySearch.  This merger/purchase is newsworthy because of the technology that StudioNow had created–as …

Strong Online Video Growth To Drive StudioNow’s Business

StudioNow predicts both massive and rapid growth in online video ads and content creation for their business in the near future.  CEO David Mason says that their business is expected to quadruple in 2009. Alongside that he said that Robert P. Sherry has joined the …

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