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In computer science, speech recognition (SR) is the translation of spoken words into text. It is also known as “automatic speech recognition”, “ASR”, “computer speech recognition”, “speech to text”, or just “STT”. Some SR systems use “training” where an individual speaker reads sections of text into the SR system. These systems analyze the person’s specific voice and use it to fine tune the recognition of that perso...

YouTube Enables Auto-Captioning for All Videos – As Expected

YouTube, the leading destination for video sharing online, has announced today that they are rolling out their Auto-Captioning service on all videos.  In a press conference at their San Bruno campus, their Director of Product Management, Hunter Walk, gave a walkthrough of the technology for …

The YouTube Video Revolution Turns 5 – Happy Anniversary

5 yrs ago today Chad Hurley registered a URL. Today, more than 20 hours of video are uploaded every minute to YouTube.  If it wasn't for YouTube (and Google I suppose), we might not be as far down the road as we are with online …

Google Rolls Out Automated Captioning for YouTube Videos

Google today announced that they are adding automatic captioning capability to videos on YouTube. This is a fantastic step forward for accessibility for deaf Internet users.  Says Vice President Vint Cerf, who is hearing impaired himself:

Video + SEO = Best Practices for Video and E-Commerce

Last week, I had the honor of speaking at the first annual Liveclicker Video Commerce Summit in Seattle, WA.  I was asked to discuss and present video search engine optimization and to help educate the audience on best practices for publishing online video in a …

OmniVideo – The Future of Online Video Monetization and Discovery – Interview With James McQuivey of Forrester – Part 2

The following is Part 2 of our interview with James McQuivey(Ph.D.), Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research.   In Part 1 of our interview, we covered some background on James as well as some of  his thoughts regarding the future of video consumption. In Part 2 (below), …

Image and Speech Recognition In Video SEO: The Digitalsmith Interview

Image and Speech Recognition In Video SEO: The Digitalsmith Interview

I interviewed Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of the video publishing platform and indexing solutions provider Digitalsmiths, Ben Weinberger, on how their combination of  image interpretation and speech recognition tools can enhance search results and SEO campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

blinkx Launches Automated Video Metadata Enrichment Service for Publishers

blinkx, the world's largest video search engine, today announced the availability of an Enhanced Metadata Enrichment solution for publishers, as part of the blinkx Advanced Media Platform. Based on technology that was perfected over 12 years at Cambridge University and is protected by 111 patents, …

New Video Search Speech Recognition Demonstration From Microsoft

Kit Thambiratnam of Microsoft Research in Asia demonstrates a new search technique being developed for internet video to the living room – all driven by speech recognition.

Nexidia Speech Recognition Technology To Assist With Enhanced Video Search

Nexidia, the market-leading provider of highly scalable and accurate rich media search and speech analytics software, announced today they have been chosen by Thought Equity Motion, the world leader in providing access to high quality film, video and music content, to augment Thought Equity's online …

VSEO – Video Search Engine Optimization (VSEO) Session

http://www.reelseo.com/vseo-ses-2008/ Learn VSEO and Video Search Engine Optimization – Read for tips, tutorials, guidelines, and more information on Video SEO. Find out how to optimize video for online discovery for maximum visibility.

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