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YouTube’s Overlay Display Ad Builder Is Big News for Small Businesses

YouTube is opening up display overlay ads to more customers, giving them the ability to create their own in-video overlay and companion display ads for YouTube videos via the AdWords system. For quite some time now, advertisers big and small have been able to allow ...

Small and Medium Businesses To Embrace Video Email Marketing

So yesterday I wrote this totally awesome article about this. Unfortunately, WordPress did an eat and delete on it. So now you're stuck with this far less witty and entertaining, yet still as informative, rewrite. My apologies...send hate to WordPress please.

5 Tips for Using Online Video To Market Your Small Business

For small businesses, getting noticed online is a challenge, particularly when competing with big brands with large marketing departments and seemingly endless marketing budgets. But more and more local companies are finding success cutting through the clutter with online video. Statistics show that video improves ...

Get Jivox With It - Jivox Launches Web Video Ad Interactivity

Will Smith was close with his 'Get Jiggy with it' hit. Jivox is even closer with their recently announced interactivity elements that can be added to almost any video ad (provided you're using them that is). But how does it work?

11 Predictions for The Online Video Industry In 2010

Everyone is giving their predictions for the Internet marketing and online video space in 2010 and I thought I'd better jump on the bandwagon with my 2 cents...  Granted, I certainly have some more insightful predictions that I could provide but I figured it's New ...

The Future of In-Stream Video Advertising for Yu and Me

Last month, we spoke with Jayant Kadambi, Co-Founder and President of YuMe, about their platform for video advertising and monetization, how best to measure the performance of video advertising, and the future of in-stream video advertising as it pertains to small and medium sized business ...

1 In 4 SMBs To Spend More for Online Video In 2010

Yes, more than 25% of small businesses are planning on some sort of spending for online video next year according to a report just released by Ad-ology Research. That sure sounds like more than just a fad or an emerging market.  It's also 75% more ...

Jeremy Allaire of BrightCove - Video Will Be Ubiquitous

Grant Crowell, our podcast talent here at ReelSEO, interviewed Jeremy Allaire, Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Brightcove at the Streaming Media West 2009 show and talked with the online video industry thought leader about his company's vision that "video would become as ubiquitous and pervasive as text on ...

The Three Types of Online Video for Business

The Three Types of Online Video for Business

So much has changed about the way we absorb information in the past few years. Can you even remember what accessing the Internet was like ten years ago?

2010 In-Stream Video Advertising Predictions - Interview With Google

Grant Crowell interviews Ari Paparo, Group Product Manager of Advertising Product for Google, about his forecast shared at the Chicago Interactive Marketing Association's 7th Semiannual Interactive Marketing Survey, that in-stream video advertising will be “huge” in 2010, thanks to growing adoption by media sales agencies of Internet Advertising Bureau's (IAB's) development of video ad standards. Will this open up video ad serving to more businesses on the smaller scale?

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